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Old 01-21-2011, 12:48 PM
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Default Special Interview Show w/Boyd Jarvis on Cyberjamz Radio/Mon.

Boyd Jarvis

Cyberjamz Internet Radio is proud to announce an upcoming interview by Sammy Rock aka Soul Oasis with the legendary Boyd Jarvis / CFX Records -

If time permits please join me this coming Monday Jan 24th,2011 from 8am - 2pm est,as we catch up with Boyd and what is going on in his world.We will discuss many topics and issues in referance to his upcoming releases,his inside-scoop on the scene and about how much he loves Cyberjamz Radio.

If any of you early Cyberjamz supporters recall when Boyd had a show entitled "NY Aftermidnite" back in circa 2006 - 2008,then you know that he know what is going on all over our music scene across the globe.

Boyd also allow us into the inside scoop on alot things that went on back in the days of the Garage and early days of The Shelter amonung many other topics we discussed.This interview is over 5 segemnets long,so I will play many of my favorite Boyd Jarivs produced tracks and original pieces never heard before and soon to be released.

A word from Boyd Jarvis "If you don't want to hear what I have to say which is the truth",and for those that know me,I do not hold my tongue as to what I believe in and or what I've experienced throughout my personal and music career".

"I hope you can join me as to what is to be a very nice interview with my boy Sammy Rock of Cyberjamz Radio".
Boyd Javis.

I will also air a special "NY Aftermidnite" show by Boyd Jarvis on Cyberjamz Internet Radio (Date TBA).

The Soul Oasis Show w/ Sammy Rock Monday from 8am-2pm est.

Join us in the Chat Room - No registration Needed.

Boyd Jarvis by Boyd Jarvis

In the beginning

I was always enthusiastic about synthesizers an have looked up to musicians such as Herbie Hancock, Chic Corea, George Duke, Tomita, who I consider my mentors. In 1981 I bought my first synthesizer which was a Yamaha CS-15 which is equipped with two oscillators, two envelope generators a white noise source. I did everything with this one machine for a long time until I could afford more synths. I used to carry my synth to Brownsville Brooklyn to Tony Humphries house to overdub mixes.
I used to carry it in a US canvas postal bag. I first took my synthesizer to a club that I used to work at called Melons where I used to decorate. The DJ was Derrick Davidson the crowd was blown away. That is where I met Timmy Regisford who heard me play. He told me that he had an audition for WBLS radio, and he would like me to overdub the set, so I complied and that was basically where my music career began. Out of hooking up one of the first original tracks that I created for the radio show was "One love" instrumental and then "The Music Got Me" instrumental which was known as "Stomp", which eventually became The Music Got Me. After the instrumental to those two cuts were made and we got so much of a good response from the audience we decided to take the tracks down to a club called Better Days. We play One love the dance floor was empty and when the track came on the crowd stormed the dance floor and that was a sign that we had something happening. So we proceeded to Prelude Records and played the tracks for Marvin Schlachter and told him of the responses that we were getting from the radio audience he was game and gave me my first record contract. Because of the radio show and those tracks Timmy and I began to get a lot of remix work as Partners. I was one of the first guys to discover and expose Colonel Abrams, Tammy Lucas of Hey Boy, Bille of Nobody's Business. A lot of these tracks were created in Timmy's bedroom as well as the mix shows for the radio sets Timmy had the technics reel to reel and a couple of technics turn tables along with a bosac mixer . I will never forget how excited we were when we finished a show. How we used to stay up after leaving the Garage and do the shows then wait to here them either Sunday afternoon or Friday and Saturday nights, Great memories and moments in time. Not actually realizing that we were making history.

Boyd Jarvis mixed the first release by Phase II records. The A-side is a new version of Footstompin' Music, the B-side is a down tempo, dim -the-lights kinda track by the title 'I Remember'.
Boyd Jarvis worked a couple of times with Timmy Regisford" They are responsible for the production of Visual's 'Somehow, Someway' and, 'The Music Got Me', both 1983 recordings on Prelude records
In 1986 they cooperated again on RY-011 Tammy Lucas' 'Hey Boy' on

More Info - Discogs:
House of Soul w/Sammy Rock & Dj Housecat every Monday from 9am-2pm est Purchase any Cyberjamz Record (Podcast)
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