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Default Broadcast Schedule for Cyberjamz Radio


If you are interested in one of the open slots, please submit a 2 hour mix for consideration to and

CEO, Sammy Rock
VP- Cyber-Operations Manager, Catherine Harris
Marketing Manager, Rescue Poetix

Emergencies only !! contact:

All Shows are sponsored by - Robbi Promoter since 2004 !
For promotions and info


Chat Room – No Registration Needed

Direct link to live stream – Channel 1

Direct Stream to Ch.02

Android and more - Tune in On-Line or Mobile

I-Fones and the Like - - Key Search: Cyber


We are now accepting donations for our SERVER DONATION DRIVE 2015. please donate any amount to pay pal - Subject Title: Server Donation Drive.Thanks in advance

To Listen to Cyberjamz Radio,Click on the blinking #1 in the chat room and or click this direct link to our live shows.

Channel 01 -
Channel 02 -

Now with MAC support! Please report any issues or bugs on the forum or on our Facebook fan page

We do have a forum of which contain infomation in referance to bugs,glitches and FAQ.

Interested in joining our Cyber-Team of Music Programmers? for info.

Thank you.


Chat Room - No Registration Needed

Direct link to live stream - Channel 1

Mobile Phone Devices: Key Search:CYBER

Tune In stream link for Mobile Phone Devices
Cyberjamz Internet Radio is now fully accessible from the FREE TuneIn Radio app on your mobile phone. Never miss another one of your favorite Cyberjamz shows while on the go!

Channel 1 -

Channel 2-


House of Soul w/Sammy Rock and Dj Housecat (la gata de fuego) 9am - 2pm est

DJSW3 - 2pm - 4pm est

The Rhythm Room- Dj ERV - 4pm - 5pm est est *Temp Show till we get this slot filled

Soul Sessions w/ Big Al Smith 6pm-8pm est

The B.K Show w/ Dj Val or Wil Milton's Music Cafe 8pm - 11 pm est (bi-Weekly)


Another Way to Pray - Phil Hooter 7am - 10am est

Hippie Torrales pres: What is Hip - 10am to 1pm est

** Open Slot 1 - 3pm est if interested in this slot

D'Anthony Elevated Soul - 3 - 5pm est

Will Gee pres. Umoja 5pm - 8pm est

AB7 pres. Soul Stoned House 8 - 10 pm est.

Dj Eddie-Ed pres. Ed's House 10pm - 12 am est

James Vincent 12 - 2am est

*Channel 02 Shows*

Housin' it up with Dj Algebra 8 - 10pm est


Dj Sound Science pres Capital Soul 9am - 11am est

Thesoulfulone Mark Mcaden 11am - 1pm est

Big Gary Logan Jersey Experience 1 pm - 4pm est

The Nasty Man Neal Conway - 4pm - 6pm est

Fred Djfm Maldonado pres. Baby Powder Sessions - 6pm - 8pm est

Greg Gray pres:"NuBang Clan Session" - Live from Chicago 8pm to 11pm est


Cyberjamz Radio Slam Music Series - 10 am - 12 pm est

Dj T-Wise - Ubiquity Soul 12 - 3pm est

Open slot/New show coming soon 3 - 5pm est

Feelin it !!! with Dj Blayne Ashmore 5-7pm est

RHOUSE pres. Miami Heat Live from Miami Flordia 7pm to 9pm

The Keemix Show w/Hakeem Sybram 9pm - 11pm est


Friday Vintage Soul Show w/ Lady Vintage Soul - LVS 9am - 11am est

Cordell Johnson pres: 63rd & Soul 11am - 1pm est

The Truth Serum with Kaleel Mason 1pm - 3pm est

The Raw Session with Andrew Waite 4 - 6pm est -

Franke Estevez pres: Fuzion from 6pm - 8pm est

The Ride with David Shell 8pm - 10pm est

*Open Slot / New Show coming soon .10pm to 12am est


H's Bluelight Session w/ K Nyerere Ture and A.Plane - Tommy Wickens 10am - 12pm est

C.O.R.E w/ DaFunkOne - Dj O 12 - 2 pm est

Beats by the Pound - Dj Terrence Djtee Coleman 2 - 4pm est

The Celestial Odyssey with Celeste Alexander 4 - 6 pm est

Dj Michael Menton & Seductive Sapphire pres. Dance of Distinction Showcase Saturday's from 6pm - 9pm est (NYC)

**new show to be announced soon. 9 - 11pm est.

Alt weeks:

Bassment Sessions- Sons of Soul w/Tony Mack & Demann 6pm to 9pm est

Soulful Temptations w/ Todd Love (Monthly) 9pm - 12am est


Jorge Garcia pres. The Curious Jorge Show Live from Ft.Lauderdale (FL) 7am - 11am est

The Official Underground Network Show Live from the U.K with Mike Touhey & Lee Jackson 11am 1pm est

Dj Mel E Og Mel - Subway Mixes Sunday - 1- 3 pm est

Djsteve Bass pres: "Mixing it up" - New Jersey 3pm to 6pm est

Lush Vybes w/ Selectress MizzKae 6 pm to 8pm est

Delmar Browne pres; The BK Basement - 8 - 10pm est

** Channel 02 Sunday

HTV = House the Vote (Talk Show) hosted by Carol D. Tart and music by Thesoulfulone Mark Mcaden
8 - 10pm est.

About Cyberjamz Internet Radio:

Keep up to date with what's going on at Cyberjamz Internet Radio Headquarterz from music programmers to special events,from shows,archives and upcoming label releases,just follow us at:

follow us at:

Check out and hit LIKE on our Facebook Fan Page:

Become a member of our music group page at Facebook:

Cyberjamz Records Group Page:

Toupee Records Group Page:
House of Soul w/Sammy Rock & Dj Housecat every Monday from 9am-2pm est Purchase any Cyberjamz Record (Podcast) Mp3 & Wav Files avail for Cyberjamz Records.

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