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Default Hooochie Productions WMC Review and Photos

We have been to Miami for the past 6 years, and there was just something about this year that has made it stand out from past conferences. We witnessed our favorites dj's working the crowds, and quickly became fans of new talent. Some of the dance moves we saw we could not duplicate, but admired from afar. The singers we saw hit every key right and moved crowds with their voices. Miami was sizzling with talent this year!

We would like to thank the following people for letting us be a part of their WMC Party this year: David Sabat, Rain and the House Broken 3 DJ's (so talented!), Julius "TMT", his wonderful sister Jenn Lynn and the whole 3 Degrees Crew (you guys all rock!), and finally to Rob Slac and the QUESO Miami DJ's (Yup, Orlando knows how to rock it!).

A special hoochie Thank You to Sam Gaglani of DEEP-LA for letting us set up Kimber's bachelorette party at the DEEP-MIAMI Party. The DEEP party at the Opium Garden was definitely a highlight this year.

A huge part of what makes Miami so memorable are the people you meet. This year, we met so many of you! It was a pleasure connecting and chillin with the following people on south beach. Thank you for sharing this experience with us. We look forward to seeing you again next year! (We apologize if we forgot your name, please send us an email and we will add you to our contact list).

Dj Disciple, Dj Bruno (whole boston crew: Nayu, Cruz, John, Bradford James), Louis Benedetti, Dj Olyworld, Tone Griffin, Lady D, Dj Offbeat, Hector Primero (whole Phunknfusion Crew: Justin, Francesca), Teddy Q, Dj Stingray, Danelle Harvey, Gomi, David Vasquez, Marques Wyatt, Andy Ward, Mike Brown, K Alexi, Bobby & Steve, Aaron Ross, Mike Wright, Mr. Omatic, Ron Carroll, Mr.V, Mark Grant, Jaime Thinnes, Kerwin Mark, Kenny Carpenter, Herb Martin, Chip E, Lil Ray, Kenny Bobien, Rob Lewis, Dennis Ferrer, Master Kev, Julius "TMT", Jenn Lynn, FLX, David Sabat (Chicago Sound Source Crew), Rain, Prihti Ghandi, Roy Davis Jr., JoJo Flores, Jask, Coro, David Reyero, Eric Johnson, Melvin Meeks, XL, Sammy Rock, Ricky Bradshaw, Scott K, John Julius Knight, Robbi The Promoter, Stacy Kidd, Phil D, Ed Dunn, Oji, Pope and Momi, David Harness, David 'Vibes' Tobon, Robbi The Promoter, DJ Whyteout, Kenny Ray, Ron Carroll, Alva, Sam of Deep-LA, The Martinez Brothers, Parrish from the Groove Junkies, Jay West, Phil 'Blackstar' Kamp, Tobi 'Blackstar' Kamp, Ralf GUM, Robert de Carlo and Patty, Phil Kullmann, Raw Artistic Soul, Sosue, DJ Peavey, Prog City Deep, Lucy & Philip Gonzales, Vera & Heinz, Nicholas Vautier and Rachel Claudio, Mike Fossati, Donna Edwards, Jae from MoonRisingNYC, George Junior, Afro Mosaic Soul Crew, Melvin Meeks, Fred Hush, Tommy Bradford, Louie-Louie, Mike from Unifed Records, DJ Wahine, Glenn Underground, Rudy C, Karizma, DJ Spinna, Osunlade, Tortured Soul, Ultra Nate, Mrs. B, Gene Hunt, Andre Harris ( Large Records ), Andre Soul ( Soul Simple Ent.), Leroy Rey, Cassie 6, Christoph, Robert Owens, Lil Ray, Jelly Bean Benitez, Rob Lewis, Mia, Terry, Yona, Applejac, Rich Medina, Joseph Green, Stacy Kidd, Dave Jeff, Ulysses, Tony and Heather Humphries, Ricardo, Timmy Regisford, Suntzu Sound Crew , Chang, Monna, Vaughan Lazar, Sheldon Prince, Alfredo, Chris, Big Will, Christy Combs of DJP Muzik, Murad aka The Craftsmen, Bryan JOnes, Calvin Morgan, Paul Nichols, Laura Kissel, Denise Melanson, Jesus, Sharon of Centric Music, City Deep Music, Thomas of Aquabooty, James Germany, Jamie Thinnes and Seasons Recordings, Tommy Bones, Trevor Lamont, Mel and the Toronto Ladies, RobSoul and Basic NYC, Glenn Thornton and Slaag Records, Casamena and Ocha Records, Demetrius Williams, Dennis Wheeler,DT, Andre Williams, Andrew Kelsey, Jamie Wichartz, Adam Auburn, Our Orlando Family (Atnarko, qburns abstract message, Buckner & Lola, Diem & Miranda, NAt, Latenight Society, Fastfwd Crew, Chillin Crew, Agave Records, Bastard Jazz, Sleazy McQueen, Pick Your Switch Crew, Soul Elevation Crew and the beloved Brownsville crew), and lastly our NY, San Fran, LA and Florida Hoochie Crew (We love you guys and thanks for joining us in miami each year).

We could go on and on about sets and dj's that stood out for us this year. But we would like to express that with our photos. We have over 1,000 photos. We each have our very own photo albums with the names of parties that we hit this year and comments. Miss Tamara's photos have been combined with our German brother's (BlackStar Booking). Phil and Tobi Kamp were our partners-in-crime this year. Enjoy!

Click here to view our photos:

Some photos:

Click here to view our photos:

Maria Diestro, Jay Oliva and Tamara West

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