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Default 2 Releases on GOTTA KEEP FAITH!


3 Jackin' traxx from this eclectic duo of joung producers. Includes remix from Tommy Largo.

Written, composed, arranged and mixed by GramophoneDzie.Copyright : Gotta Keep Faith. 2007

About GRAMOPHONEDZIE:GramophoneDzie are two dj's from Belgrade, Serbia. Dj Sasha Radosavljevic and Marko Hollywood decided to make GramophoneDzie for themselves and their friends who like deep house music. They become popular playing discohouse in their country but got fed up with discohouse mutating into bla-la-la-house, so they decided to start something new. That's how GramophoneDzie were born 3 years ago and started producing tracks together.

Sasha is the funky part of GramophoneDzie crew. He is one of the few dj's in country who is present on the scene for a long time and managed to keep his music style, taste and philosophy. He's been into music since he was born because he had that luck to be the son of the first Serbian (former Yugoslavian) DJ and living legend Sava Radosavljevic. So you can just imagine how hard was for him to get into djing. Ha! If You wanna know who "borrowed" sample from some record, just ask him he is a walking encyclopedia of funk music and that's his part in GramophoneDzie production team.

Marko is djing for 9 years. He is first Serbian dj who was invited to RedBull Music Academy, which was held in Dublin 2000. There he was introduced to making music and that's how he got into music production. In 7years he manage to release some tracks and produce some of the best hip-hop & pop artists in his country. He wrote music for "Big Brother" show (with his friend dj Pookie) and commercials for Peugeot, Seat and Serbian Petrol Company to name a few. Also, he has composed numerous scores for theatre and films.

As Gramophonedzie, Marko&Sasha, played hundreds of parties and there is surely no club or city in their region they didn't play in. They played alongside names like Basement Jaxx, Cassius, Bob Sinclar, Junior Jack, Silicone Soul, Tiefschwarz, Chicks On Speed, Llorca, Mr. C, Moonbootica, Martin Venetjoki, Tommy Largo, Dj Linus, Paranoid Jack, Massimo DaCosta.

Watchout for them in future!!!


Dj RICO hit Traxsource.

For a week his first EP on GKF was in the top 100 Downloads list on Traxsource.Really interesting reactions:


- MR FUZZ (Indipendance - Filtered - Deep Touch - Soulgroove - Grab - Risani - GKF - Tropicana - SFP) - "I think that this tunes are a real artistic revelation. All instruments are delicious. All rhythmic is a pure work. You can't stop your feet when you hear it! Groove, soul, tribal & deeper sensation are here. Perfect! Big Tunes"

- FRANCO MARTINELLI (DeepHousePage) - "Very hot ep, a great combination of late night undeground/funky tracks and minimal/funky pumpin' cuts.Favourite track is MY SOUL"

- LEWIS DENE (Journalist: Update, DJ, Blues&Soul, Records collector magazines, BBCi reviewer Hype Chart contributor) - "Nice and soulful cut made for those bar sets. DO YOU WANNA DANCE is the strongest wit me."

- CENTRIC MUSIC - "Bangin!!!"

- SERGIO MATINA (Sheeva - VOTU - Reverse - IndaHouse@H2O) - "All 4 traxx of Dj Rico Ep are really good... but I think "for my style" the best are MY SOUL & BLACK HOUSE... I love & I spinn these!!! Total Support for GKF sound... PEACE!!!"- DJ RORK - "It's great, I like ! Rico's a very promising artist ! In my bag."

- MICHAEL FOSSATI (Spirit of House) - "Gotta Keep Faith Records are on a roll at the moment, unleashing one great release after another. Eric Pazouda aka DJ Rico presents a lovely EP consisting of four tracks, all taking you on a ride into deep funktified house grooves, featuring passionate and sexy male and female vocals over the deeply stormin grooves."

For any Contact or licensing :
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