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Cyberjamz Radio 15th year Anniversary continues with this Part 2 set mixed and compiled by yours truly SammyRock aka Soul Oasis. Click it.. play it..jam to it?
stream or download SoulCast here:

The Soulist (Part 2)

1)The Obeah Man-Exuma

2)Heart?s a Mess (Original version) Rogi?rs ?

3)X-Klussive: Footwork n Powder ? Steve OH Traxx coming soon deeperSIDE of Cyberjamz Steve Miller

4)Track Pick: Shannon Chambers ft. Kwesi Bless ? Feel The Magic (Shannon?s Mahogany Soul Mix) Gary Wallace

5)Tack Pick: Luis Loowee R Rivera & Paris Cesvette Ft Walter Christopher ? No Rhyme No Reason (Vocal)
Destiny-Rescue Poetix (Soul Oasis acca-edit)

6)All I Need Is You ? The Bros (Emmaculate Remix) Gary Wallace

7)Roll Back Vinyl: Any Way You Want It ? T-Connection

8)X-Klussive: Ode to Muzik ? Cresencdo (Dj Sound Science Remixes) coming soon Cyberjamz Suprena Millet

9)unknown at this time

10)Roll Back Vinyl: Survive ? Club Swing ? House of Jazz (SoulCat Polka Dot Park Edit)

11)Tack Pick: Anto Vitale ? Children of the Sun (Martino Vocal Mix) ?

12)Giving you the best that I got ? Anita Baker (Shelter Remix)

13)X-Klussive: Audio Porn ? Steve OH Traxx E.P coming soon deeperSIDE of Cyberjamz Steve Miller
Just Deep ? Sheila Johnson Sapphire (acca-edit)

14)I Am Beautiful (Deez Dub rmx)

15)Roll back Vinyl: Work It Out ? Testament (Soul-a-Pella Edit)

16)1963 ? (Original Mix) Aimo ?

17)Track Pick: More Love ? Brian Pope Sound Of Baltimore Vocal ?

18)Mandinka Woman- Andreas Horvat ?

19)This is America ? DJ Loy Percussion Remix

20)X-Clussive: Thriller Upz ? MJ (Abicah Soul Remix) Miguel Santiago

21)X-Klussive: Take me Home ? Cher (Baby Powder on the Dancefloor Remix) Dj Punch

22)Track Pick: Live 2gether ? Elliott DjEv Venegas (DJEV Tribal Version)

23)Roll Back & Jam Closing Track:
Africa ? Toto (Soul Oasis Edit)
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