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Jada123 07-13-2012 05:00 PM

Bunch of UNT's Summer Sampler'12

Jozef Mihalik is Director of Unt! Records.

He is mentioned by many Internet ports as bringing a new sound to East European dance scene. He has made his name by absorbing a wide range of influences from the happening dance scene outside Europe and translating them into his own unique sound.

DMC buzz charts commented, 'He is an exceptional talent with the potential to go to the very top.'

His track appeared on AMNESIA DJ Sessions vol 6.He is currently recording new album and DJ-ing both at London residences and festivals and remixed for guys like Boy George, Tim Andresen, Tarrentella, Paul Thomas and more.

Click Here For A Preview of String Rattle by Jozef Mihalik

John Norman's sound has been refined over many years of avid pursuit of that which is driving yet laid back, full yet minimalist. The result is a sound unlike any other. He brings us the underground sound of his new work 'Tunnel Vision'

Click Here For A Preview of Tunnel Vision by John Norman

Paul Baker, the best bread maker and bass shaker is back with another track for UNT! This time with glitchy tech beats and solid basslines. This is another strong work from Paul who recently made it to number 1 on the Audiojelly top 100 house tracks on latest Unt! Records release.

Click Here For A Preview of Damaged Goods by Paul Baker

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