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WELL, Hello i just became a member of this website. can anyone be as kind as to tell me how to understand the site?
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Boyd also allow us into the inside scoop on alot things that went on back in the days of the Garage and early days of The Shelter amonung many other topics we discussed.This interview is over 5 segemnets long,so I will play many of my favorite Boyd Jarivs produced tracks and original pieces never heard before and soon to be released
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Welcome to The Award winning Cyberjamz Internet Radio site/forum.

What exactly do you need to know about the site ?

to hear the live stream (Green Light) on either Channel 01 or Channel 02,just click on the Play button on the player on the front page.

or you can use this direct link to the streams live or not (Red Light), by clicking or pasting this link into your default player for ch. 01 shows and for Channel 02 shows.

**If you are on a MAC check out this post here as these are a few tips on how to listen using a MAC (FYI - we are a Windows (PC) based system and site so if you are on a MAC just follow some of the tips on that thread.

Additional site help section:

To use the chat room feature:

on the front page of you can click the CHAT link button or click there you can log in as a guest or log in using your username and password you use to get into our forums.

The great thing about being an official member of our site is here in our forum pages you can add a profile pic and type in bio info ect.

on the right hand corner top of this page use the USER CP control panel and select "Add Profile Picture" and to post your bio and info "Add Profile Info" ect.That profile picture you uploaded is now visible in our chat room.

To hear archives of ALL our shows check on the front page "archives" or You can either choose a show by using our drop-down list of shows or simply go down the line and choose the archive you wish to listen stream.

Broadcasters on Cyberjamz Radio:

Line-up Info


Cyberjamz Records Releases:

Parties & Events:

Hope this info works and welcome to our family !!

SammyRock - founder Cyberjamz Internet Radio.
House of Soul w/Sammy Rock & Dj Housecat every Monday from 9am-2pm est Purchase any Cyberjamz Record (Podcast) Mp3 & Wav Files avail for Cyberjamz Records.
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