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Exclamation Broadcaster guidelines

In an effort to more fairly distribute the limited resources on this server, please browse through our broadcaster guidelines and adhere to the policies now in effect here on cyberJAMZ.

1. Please only stream at 56k or 70kbps (CD quailty) or anything in between and at single rates. We will no longer be supporting multiple bitrate streams or anything higher than 70kbps.

2. Please do no stream video from your broadcast encoder, use the chatroom's video features to stream video. Show's that include video in their broadcast will not be archived.

3. Archives are a limited resource and when the limit is reached, access will be bypassed to the live streams.

4. You cannot link directly to your archive mix from another site, instead the link will forward your user to the archive page and the mix can be accessed there. This is to give as much exposure to the other mixers available on cyberJAMZ our sponsors and to the live shows. In the past, many of you were hot linking directly to your mixes without giving credit to the main cyberJAMZ site. This policy will be reviewed and enforced on a case by case basis. Broadcasters that display a cyberJAMZ logo or a link to cyberjamz may link their mix directly to their site. Broadcasters that don't will have their listeners forwarded to the cyberJAMZ archive page.

More guidelines may be added and or the above may be revised.


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