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Old 03-16-2013, 10:14 PM
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Thumbs up Exciting releases from Mixtape Sessions & friends!

Adam Cruz - Look Above (Parts I and II)
Click here to listen + buy @

Influence Peddlers feat. Gwen Hunter - Fragile Heart
Click here to listen + buy @

Duce Martinez Presents: Jaysun Merced aka Jakdat - Coming Home
Click here to listen + buy @

Adam Cruz - Look Above (Parts I and II)
Click here to listen + buy @

Mixtape Sessions is proud to present "Look Above (Parts I and II)" from the sophomore album of producer and songwriter, Adam Cruz, entitled, "Emospiritual Travelin." "Look Above" is divided into two parts as a way of expressing the uplifting nature of any spiritual discovery. To Adam, this song is about seeing the full potential of yourself by remaining aligned with your spiritual purpose. For many of us, we look to the sky as a gesture towards a Higher Power. Part I is a slow, but hypnotic rhythm, influenced by African and Latin sounds. Adam pours his beautiful vocals on top and captures the essence of spiritual discovery while repeating the ‘I look above' refrain. In Part II, we are met with a faster paced polyrhythmic piece that symbolizes spiritual ascension. Here, Adam repeats the refrain, 'I can see the stars,' in an incredibly exciting manner. The result is a tour-de-force for the global dance floor – two true gems!

Sign up today for Adam's Mixtape Sessions e-mail list and receive updates, videos and FREE music @

Influence Peddlers feat. Gwen Hunter - Fragile Heart
Click here to listen + buy @

The Influence Peddlers Main Mix percolates; with minimal but intense splashes of composition and an active interworking of percussion that locks seamlessly together. Luis' dark, minimal approach to instrument lines makes for another sleazy, gorgeous Influence Peddlers composition. John Crockett's Vocal Mix shares a similar drum philosophy, but is otherwise the standard JC composition/arrangement. Traditional verse/bridge/chorus format, with thoughtful composition and warm texture throughout mark this 'anthemy' offering. DJ Beloved's BPM mixes show off the smooth, galloping funk that he always manages to capture in his drum tracks. Beloved's commitment to composition is clear here too, with an array of live instrumentation (live bass, guitar, synths (from three different keyboardists) and percussion (recorded remotely in Jamaica...). It's a uniquely beautiful remix. Finally, the Influence Peddlers offer their Deep Mix; a bumping, minimal, deep track that gradually leads you into a flurry of sweet, airy instrumentation, before reverting back to its basic tramping roots. Gwen Hunter's lead vocal is effortlessly soulful. She's strong, even forceful at times, then gentle and sweet at others. Her extensive live performance background adds a hint of animation to her vocal that shines through on the recording.

Duce Martinez Presents: Jaysun Merced aka Jakdat - Coming Home
Click here to listen + buy @

Visit D.Wild Music on the web @

D.Wild Music is proud to present “Coming Home” featuring Jaysun Merced aka Jakdat and killer remixes by D.Wild Music’s own Duce Martinez! Jaysun Merced is a fantastic producer and DJ who has collaborated with such labels as Battlewax Records, Vital Vibes Records, Cyberjamz Records, DSharp Records, Plusgroove Records, Shines Records and such artists as Nadine Navarre, Dave Mullen, Weysa Dya, K T Brooks & Libby Jones, Sasha, Joe Flame and many more.

Duce Martinez began his career as a break dancer with the legendary group the Dynamic Breakers where he was featured in films (The Last Dragon, Beat Street, That’s Dancin); TV (NBC’s ‘The New Show’ and ABC’s ‘Cathy & Regis Show’) and performed alongside hip hop heavy’s such as Run DMC, The Fat Boys, Whodini, Grandmaster Flash, LL Cool J, and Jermaine Dupree.

In the early 1990’s, Duce Martinez worked with top recording artists such as T La Rock, Fearless Four, King Sun, Lauren Hill, Treacherous Three, Cold Crush Brothers. While his studio work is impressive enough to be backed by Native Instrument’s Traktor Pro, there is absolutely nothing like this B-boy live. There’s a serious cause for the expression that is Duce is Wild! Come experience it for yourself!
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