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Old 12-07-2010, 10:18 PM
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Default Emuzik - Deep Intervention E.P. available now

Tech-soul straight outta Detroit...

Phuture Sole Recordings subsidiary label Phuture Rhythms present the
"Deep Intervention E.P." from Emuzik. This is one for anyone who likes
it deep and hypnotic; all four tracks steering well clear of anything even
remotely formulaic.

"Deep Intervention" gets things underway with an enticing blend of
synths that oozes both soulful and techier elements while the crisp
beats and rumbling bass do their utmost to provoke a response from
your feet. "Urban Swing" is built on a foundation of tribal rhythms and
moody synths that I wouldn't quite describe as dark, although dusk
might be nearer the mark: it's just about the perfect mood builder.
Moving from dusk to nightfall, the journey continues with "Soul
Rhythm", complete with a powerful distinctive rhythm pattern; it picks
up the pace with added urgency for the floor. The package concludes
with "Night Runner", loaded with elements of Detroit tech and a refined
acid groove that's eased back by warmth you might not otherwise
expect. Whichever track(s) you ultimately favor, this is music that
demands your attention and will do a power of damage in any authentic
underground environment.

Produced by Eric "Emuzik" Johnson for Switchswing Productions
Mastered by Benedict at Phuture Audio Mastering

Executive Producer: Carl Dupree
A&R Director: Mark Mendoza
Composed by Eric Johnson
Phuture Sole Music, ASCAP
Switchswing Productions, ASCAP
© 2010 Phuture Sole Recordings / Phuture Rhythms PR-003
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