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Default New Release: Raw Artistic Soul - Domingos Ride - R

New Release: Raw Artistic Soul - Domingos Ride - RA003
Incl. Remixes by Boddhi Satva & Sosue.

Release date: 10th of Februrary 2009

Promo out on now...

Domingos ride by Raw Artistic Soul is a minimal track feat. infectious flute play by Domingo Patricio over an resistless soul-tech groove that will send the crowd into a frenzy.
Raw Artistic Records. It´s raw, it´s artistic, it´s dopeness for the dancefloor!

Some DJ Feedbacks...

"Domingos ride" by Raw Artistic Soul is a minimal yet hypnotic production featuring infectious flute play by Domingo Patricio over an absolutely resistless soul-tech groove that will send the crowd into a frenzy. Boddhi Satva relaxes the vibe on his deep afro tinged 'Afriki Soul Remix', with his dub further deepening the vibe, while Sosue adds an organic feel to the track on her 'Soulkomplex' remixes which are nothing less than deep and relentless." Mike Fossati (SpiritOfHouse, CH)

"SUPER DOPE! Thanks!" Marlon D (UndergroundCollective, US)

"DAMMNNNNNNNNN Rock my world .. It's ALLLLL about the original... Diggin the Sosue Soulkomplex Dub, too. Air & Club play..." Lars Behrenroth (Deeper Shades of House, Los Angeles)

"Will be dropping this.. Nice and deep!!! Charles Spencer (Loveslap Recordings, San Francisco)

"Will play it sure, my favourites mixes : Original & Boddhi Satva Afriki Soul Remix Great pack" Melchyor A (Soulshine Recordings, SoW, Unified)

"Really nice music on this pack, good remixes from Boddhi Satva and Sosue, but the original is my choice, really nice tune, great response from the crowd." Rafael Moraes (Nomumbah, Brazil)

"I Love the Boddhi Satva Mixes Great Track." Dj Christos (South Africa)

"This release is smoking hot! I'm a fan, keep doing what you do! Respect!" Bradford James (Seed Recordings, Boston)

"Lovin this release! All rmx are hot...! Welldone" Beppe Gioia (Garagefamiy, Unified, Milano, Miami)

"Shit.. Sosue.. your remix is totally crazy! It's my favourite.. totally deep, funky and groovin / so downright coooollllll Thanks Will chart it for sure" Nicolas Vautier (Jaffa Music, France)

"Absolutely high quality House Music! Sosue & Boddhi Satva did a great job!" Pete Henry (Foliage Records, Franfurt)

"This release has an incredible underground sound. Strong rhythm with beautiful flutes melodies. Particoular the Boddhi Satva Afriki Soul Mix... But my favourite are: Boddhi Satva Dub and Sosue Soulkomplex Mix. Thanks for sending me this releasei Like it so much" Alessio Furia (Magmaweb, Roma)

"Thanks for this candy. It's my kinda jam.Very very nice trip ! I like the original version and Sosue's remixes... Play & chart for sure. All support!" Rork (Stalwart, Paris)

"Very interesting trak, The deep Souse mix is my favourite version, but I also like the mionmal and hypnotic Original mix with its ifectious ethnic flavour. I will play it for sure." Franco Martinelli (Housepage, Italy)

"Very charming original and lovely rmxs by Boddhi Satva and Sosue . I like it!" Karsten John (Vinyl Vibes, Germany)

"Monsta release"!!!Boddhi Satva Main & Sosue Soulkomplex Main are my favorites... Dope beats & sounds!! Looking forward to play it in the club and looking forward to the next stuff from the RAW family!!" Dj Le Roi (MN2S, Deeptown Music, Basel)

"GOOD GOOD SHIT!!!!!!!!!! Great package all the way around!!!! send me more!!!!!!" N'Dinga (Love House Movement, Sole Channel, Baltimore)

"This is sexy, deep Music, High Quality, in my sets." Roberto De Carlo (GOGO Music, CH)

"Great one! Favorite track is Sosue's version, closely followed by the Original" Benny Pecoraio (Gogo Music, Germany)

"Boddhi´s dub and org are my favs. Will play."Henri Kohn (Clubstar Records, Germany)

"Loving it!, really feeling the Boddhi Satva remix,,,deep!" Dean Zhou (Cosa Nostra, Danceandsoul, Singapore)

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