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Old 05-09-2008, 06:37 PM
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Default SUSU BOBIEN "Praise always" - GKF PROMO!!!


Spiritual Blessings give the Glory Mix (9:20)
Spiritual Blessings Shout Praises Dub (8:07)
Ciappy dj & Davide Murri Classful Mix (7:00)
Ciappy dj & Davide Murri instrumental Mix (7:00)
Alex Dimitri South Soul remix (9:42)
Alex Dimitri South Soul dub (8:25)
Dolls Combers MonaLeslie Mix (8:30)
Dolls Combers MonaLeslie Instrumental (8:30)

A real beauty, A gospel house anthem. This production by Diva Down Entertainment features an uplifting and inspirational gospel vocal by SuSu Bobien, remixed by some top Italian producers.

Born for friendship between Dewey and the GKF’s manager Jean Paul, PRAISE ALWAYS is a real “Gospel House Anthem” as some friend defined it at WMC08 this year, after receiving the demo of this incredible project. It’s a spiritual song, a praise song, a thanksgiving to the LORD for the blessing HE’s sending on Gotta Keep Faith. SUSU BOBIEN really express the feeling of a song wrote by Dewey Cioffi, owner of DIVA DOWN ENTERTAINMENT. Her voice is amazing and anointed throughout the entire song. The additional background of DAWN TALLMAN tore it up SUSU’s vocals.

The incredible thing is that this wonderful song is remixed by 4 of the most talented producers in Italy. SPIRITUAL BLESSINGS realize the main track and a wicked dub, putting together some really nice musicians and arranger, the Jazz Maestro GIANNI LENOCI (Piano-Keys), ENRICO BRANCHINI (Trumpets-Sax-Guitar) and PIERPAOLO SECHI (Rhodes). CIAPPY DJ edited and arranged with the help of DAVIDE MURRI a class mix and an instrumental track. Thanks also, for their work, to important musicians like FABRIZIO SCARAFILE (Sax-Tenor saxophone), PAOLO ROMANO (Electric bass), DIOSVANI HERNANDEZ (Trumpet-Trombone). Then we have ALEX DIMITRI “SOUTH SOUL” with DIEGHITO for a gospel mix and a dub. To close this 8 mixes project, the DOLLS COMBERS enveloped a superb version with an amazing keys solo played by PINO DI PIETRO.

We wanna say thank you to ALEX DIMITRI for the help and big support!!!

Feedbacks :

- DJ POPE (POJI / Baltimore) – “I am loving the this tune you have my full support.”
- DR. BOB JONES – “Gonna be a big tune for me.Full support on the decks and in the mag. Really into Alex Dimitri and Spiritual Blessing mixes, such a superb slice
of inspirational uplifting modern soul - let's go to church!”
- LOUIE GORBEA – “This is one track I like a lot….Best luck with it!”
- ANTONELLO COGHE (Vega Rec.) – “WOW! This is a superb release. Congratulations to all artists. My preferred versions are by CIAPPY & DAVIDE MURRI and from ALEX DIMITRI”
- KEITH THOMPSON – “Keep always the good work coming…”
- MICHAEL FOSSATI (SPIRIT OF HOUSE) – “Gospel house anthem alert here, with a wonderful mix package that completely satisfies. Gotta Keep Faith have a real beauty in their hands with this production by Diva Down Entertainment which features an uplifting and inspirational gospel vocal by SuSu Bobien. Spiritual Blessings contribute a smoothly thumpin' interpretation, with their fired-up dub going deeper. The Dolls Combers smooth things down on their take for a more laidback feeling, while Ciappy DJ & Davide Murri serve a groovy jazz-funk flavored version. Lastly wee see Alex Dimitri a mesmerizing vocal remix that is guaranteed to have you singing and raising your hands thanks to the marvelous piano and relentless groove. His dub is a hypnotizing deep and funky affair perfect for peak time play.”
- AARON DAE (Dae Recordings / Dae Deep / Electric Avenue on BreakThru Radio)- “Been playing the Spiritual Blessing Dub - Hot Hot Hot!!!”
- DAVE REDSOUL – “The Doll Combers mix is the biggest track for me right now, #1 in my chart! I love it! One of 2008’s biggest! 10/10”
- DEIBYS MARQUEZ (Miami – US) – “I really like the Dolls Combers Monìleslie mix. That's the one I am going to play. Thanks”
- DANNY CLARK ( – “This is the best track you have released - My good friend Dewey always writes class tracks and SuSu & Dawn deliver quality as always.”
- DJ P (Pressure Radio – UK) – “DAM HOT!!!!!!!! Great job by Dewey and SuSu Bobien together Dawn Tallman. Sounding great. Loving all the mixes can’t wait to play this on the Radio and give it the support it deserves 51 Releases !!! “
- BYDEN (ZOUK CLUB) – “I like the Dolls Combers Monìleslie Instrumental and Alex Dimitri South Soul Dub.”
- NOTENSHUN – “Thanks for this absolute fantastic Su Su Bobien record. All mixes are outstanding. And her remarkable voice just gives you the feeling of PURE SOUL. Love it. Play it. Chart it. This one will surely doing well at Southport Weekender.”
- DAVID DEE (USB RECORDS)- “Sup dude. Great tune. It’s like back in the days of Yellorange :) Absolutely AMAZING !!!! Mass Support for sure. Keep em comin’”.
- DEAN SERAFINI (JJaz Project Magazine)- ” This is a good old fashioned hands in the air gospel house monster with a truly awesome vocal allied to an outstanding package of mixes. I’ve been hooked pretty much straight from the opening bars of the first “Spiritual Blessings Give The Glory Mix”. It’s melodic and uplifting and given the pedigree of the vocalist, should have most of you scurrying to get your hands on it sooner rather than later. The “Spiritual Blessings Shout Praises Dub” absolutely nails it too, with the perfect formula for the floor. “Ciappy DJ and Davide Murri go for a more laid back groove that has a live performance feel to it. They also provide an instrumental, although I for one can’t get enough of the vocals. Alex Dimitri steps up to the plate, delivering an atmospheric interpretation that leans on a soothing combination of keys and strings that leave the vocal as the clear focal point of the production. His dub, on the other hand has a much more underground vibe. The package is completed by two versions, one vocal, one instrumental from Dolls Combers which have some synths that are reminiscent of the early Detroit sound that are interwoven with hammond style organs and jazzy rhodes and live bass. All in all this is as good as anything I’ve listened to in 2008.”
- LLUDOVIC LLORCA – “Classy garage. This is good music.”
- CORY SOULFUSION (Centric) - “TUNE TUNE TUNE ! The best GFK to date for me class!”
- RAY FENWICK (Converge/Diamondhouse Records) – “Another quality release from GKF records. I have listened to all of these tracks a few times now and the best ones for me are; (Spiritual Blessings shout praises dub) nice and deep feel to this one and works well in my warm up sets. (Dolls Combers MonìLeslie Mix) again another one for my warm up sets with some cool keys and a nice happy feeling to it. Keep up the good work GKF”
-FRANCO MARTINELLI (“ Gotta Keep Faith is on fire ! Here's another awesome release from the Italian based deep/soulful label. "Praise always" is an uplifting gospel-house track featuring the amazing vocals of SuSu Bobien. The package includes various mixes from some of the hottest italian soulful and deep production teams. Spiritual Blessings delivers an uplifting gospel-house anthem, and goes deeper in the Dub mix. Ciappy DJ & Davide Murri mixes are more laid-back and soulful affairs, while Alex Dimitri adds some hot jazzy piano, atmospheric pads and an infectious deep groove in his rework. Finally, Doll Combers provides two beautiful and intense remixes with great Hammond keys, jazzy Rhodes and solid beats.”

Promo exclusive on:

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Old 05-20-2008, 07:33 AM
GottaKeepFaithRecords GottaKeepFaithRecords is offline
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Default :)

Thanks to everybody to support!!

New Feedbacks:

-DJ FLOY – “Full support from me for "Diva Down Entertainment feat. Su Su Bobien". Very nice release. Play on my radio show (Paradise Garage and Classic mix) ..Full support as always!”
- KEN TERRY – “ I LOOOOOVE the new SuSu! She was on our mixshow show last week, singing live for Gerideau's birthday. You can see it in Cyberjamz if you want. Susu sings with Michael Watford, and Gerideau sings. IT'S GREAT!
Keep the GREAT music coming.”
- SIR PIERS –“Cool track man, great production as always….you have our full support!!! 8/10”
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Old 06-09-2008, 05:40 AM
GottaKeepFaithRecords GottaKeepFaithRecords is offline
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Default New Reviews...

- DJ PELAU – “(Spiritual Blessings Give the Glory Mix): Early Sunday morning rise-to-go-to-church type of soul, that gospel soul. Gets the soul awake, before it's set free - I'm feeling this but only restricted to this mode. I'd predict this wouldn't really fly for a dancefloor until the crowd is fully broken into. The musicianship in this is excellent, seems like something for major radio play on black radio in the gospel belt of America too. The horns just make this track one of those quality cuts most wouldn't fuck with...
(Ciappy dj & Davide Murri Classful Mix): Similar to the above, but less exciting - still maintains its soulful/gospel edge, but somehow not as festive and church-happy as the above mix. This one is 'just' major props here...
(Dolls Combers MonaLeslie Mix): This one is rich chocolate, soulful yes, but even more funky - I'll tell you when those organs and rhodes join in, I can see Jesus sliding across the dancefloor (and my eyes are closed!). So to me this one gets under your skin easier than the rest, it's those chords that strike 'chords' in your soul to revive your spirit...and the background supportive music throughout this is just pretty man...lovely keyboard wizards on this!
(Spiritual Blessings Shout Praises Dub): Dancefloor is starting to get a little packed now. Vox Echoes, vocal reverb and the right minimalist bassline, there's a party about to jump off! This is the one I want my skull pressed against the speaker for, if I'm crazy that is. Insane energy if you're getting the 'worshippers' to bless the dancefloor! STRONG track here, no doubt. Sometimes it's the simplest techniques that have the most potent effects!
(Alex Dimitri South Soul Dub): I could see Quentin Harris bumping this one - that techy soul vibe he loves to throw into his sets. It got a sort of edgey, offbeat bassline almost like a mistake that works because the rhythm ain't looking backwards, only focused on pushing through the tunnel of bright-lights and major club energy. Not one of my favorite mixes here, but I know there's a lot of tech heads out there...”

- RAY FENWICK (Converge/Diamondhouse Records) “Another nice release from you guys. My favs are (Spiritual Blessings shout praises dub) and (Dolls Combers MonìLeslie Mix). Already got these two in my record bag and playing them out in the warm up. Nice vocals on these tracks, very cool and chilled.”
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Old 07-28-2008, 06:22 AM
GottaKeepFaithRecords GottaKeepFaithRecords is offline
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Default Last feedbacks...

-AARON CARL- “SPIRITUAL BLESSINGS’ remix of "Praise Always" has truly lifted my spirits. The vocals speak to the soul, and fit the music perfectly. You can't help but shout and praise right along with her! My FAVORITE is the SHOUT PRAISES dub -- I will play this mix EVERYWHERE I go -- it's songs like THESE that make House music what it is... POWERFUL. Thank you again... I wish you MUCH success with this release, and look forward to hearing what else you have in store! Much Love & Gratitude.”
> >
-ANDRE HARRIS-“I Think the song is really good. I like both SPIRITUAL BLESSINGS mixes… i can used them at different points of the night. You have my full support”
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