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Default Feedback from some of worlds best DJ's on UC relaunch

Here's what some of Underground Collectives favorite DJ's are saying about the Official RE-Launch of Underground Collective Recordings

“Very Nice tracks, Thumbs up…” – Tony Humphries ( Tony Records)

“Trust the drum!! CRAZYYY!!! Killed it bro,seriously”-Martinez Brothers (Objektivity)

“Trust the drum is a great percussion tool to wind up the crowd. Where my second fav is the Deep trust track which is good for the long sets...” – Josh Wink (Ovum)

“Marlon knows that I love his beats. no brainer... one of my biggest tracks” –Tedd Patterson (Vibal,Cielo)

“You know you are king of the Drums”-Rocco (Real Tone)

“All belters, in the bag and will get hammered for sure!”- Grant nelson (Wyze)

“ Heavens saxaphone,Thumbs up”- CJ Mackintosh

“ Deepness, Dopeness” – Jinks (Defected)

“Once again Marlon D has produced jams that will move any dancefloor. Looking forward to sharing this with my audience at Libation inNYC”- Ian Friday (Libation)

“Really diggin the entire ep Marlon. Trust the Drum has got my attention and can't wait to play it. all the best hermano blessings Antonio”- Antonio Ocasio (Tribal Winds)

“Excellent EP by my good friend Marlon D!!!!”- DJ Dove (NYC)

“Wicked E.P. Really feeling the Heaven Saxaphone cut”- Deli G (UK)

“Trust The drum Support”-Neil ALine (Chez)

“Heavens saxophone is the one!”-Jask (USA)

“Big Big track, love it. full support. thanks for this. I pick trust the drums but I like any of them.”-Franco de Mulero (Ibiza,Spain)

“Excelent work from Marlon D, that the way to everybody have to know everything about Colombia.Great Underground deep house from this side of the continent.”- DJ Fruto (Bogota,Colombia)

“Realy nice ep! I will fully support trust the drum in club and radio.”- Claude Monnet

“INCREIBLE !! very nice Pack -- HOT !! Full Support”-Hernan Cronner (Argentina)

“Wicked project, classic MAW sounds!!”-Jamie Thinnes (Seasons)

“All 5 tracks are awesome!!! I do love the Sax mix as well as the Bless the Colombian Drum.”- Lil Ray (Jamboree,NYC)

“Heaven's Saxophone...Simply DEVINE!!!”-Kervyn Mark (Melting Pot, NYC)

“Good Stuff indeed!! Will definately play at Plan B (London)”-Umberto Giannini (Plan B,London)

“ This is it,Another banger from the likes of Marlon D”-Robbi (NYC promoter)

“I love the full EP. Drums are moving me and the sax is incredible. In my bag for sure.”- Ed Ground (Brazil)

“Not everything is for me here but def quality. I dig Heavens Sax and Deep trust, thx”- Fred Everything (Strictly Rhythm)

“TRUST THE DRUM!!! Killer tune D! Gonna be hammering this...”-Mark ( Peppermint Jam)

“Nice releases !! Full support! DJ RORK. (STALWART)”- DJ Rork

“this is fire!”- DNH ( DNH records)

“We du Tek 2 for me, thanks”-Phillip O (Bogota,Colombia)

“Amazing ep,all mixes are high class as always. Marlon D never disappoints,full support!”-Fabrizio (House Garage)

“Purchased,Played it Saturday,Went off ,Brilliant !!!!- D Malice (UK)


“Honesty,hard work,good vibe,mad talent and love for what you do in life only bring such awesome results ... congrats son ... Peace!!!”- MomPox groovers (Bogota,Colombia,U.C.)

“Nice one Marlon, back with a BANG!!! Numero uno baby, respect!!!!”-Pat Bedeau (UK)

“Trust the drums smashed it on the weekend ! Slam Jam”- Grooveassasin (UK)

“Yeah Marlon , That’s wasssup,Thumbs up”- Emory Toler (NYC)

“straight up heat coming from the main man Marlon D if u want deep sexy soulful house Heavens saxaphone delivers.”- Wayne Lyons ( Los Angeles,USA)

“Marlon D continues to bring the heat with his latest release on the Underground family.This ep is full of quality tracks,it is a testament to his brilliant production skills,from NY to Colombia,Marlon keeps house music alive!!”- Albert Menendez (Sterling Blue Music)

“Trust The Drum does it for me, Solid track that I will be rockin in my set's.Full Support !!!!!!!!!” -Will “Reelsoul” Rodriguez (Sole Channel)

“" its really great to see that Underground Collective is back and ready to rock again, my fav is heaven saxophone dub, that bass is huge and set the djoon on fire everytime !!!"-Greg Gauthier ( Paris France, Djoon)

“ Great selection of music Marlon , Lets talk this week about something I have in mind for you” – Frank L ( MTV)

“I'm feeling the vibe on the Tek joint bro.”- GrooveJunkies ( Los Angeles,USA)

“"We trust those drums!" – Bangana (Sweden)

“I Love this Ep, I like the vibes. Wonderfull Work.”- Tony Loreto (Italy)

“head honcho marlon d...has put together a tight put back UC on the dope musical map.....all the tunes r very good......"trust the drum......& heavens saxaphone"....will get heavy rotation on eclectic dance sessions....keep em comin my bro.”-Ian Rock(Cyberjamz Radio)

“This is another great EP from Marlon the gazpacho lover J, he show how versatile can be on different styles and producing great beats. My favourite is Heavens Saxaphone, even though I like also Trust the Drum and Deep Trust. 7/10, will play it this weekend and for a few months sure!”-Kiko Navarro (Spain)

“The Unstoppable Marlon D. I need a week to decide which cut is my fave..right now: "Trust the drum" and "deep trust".” – Argy

“bangin like a benzi”- Aaron Ross (Defected)

“Great tracks, eclectic athmosphere, very interesting... Full support”-Yass (Defected)

“cool tracky EP”- Danny Rampling (UK)

“little bit of everything here,love it...def a hot EP...Ill play these out and see how they work.thank you”-Rob James (Poor Righteous DJ’s)

“trust the Drum support”- Juan Mejia ( La X, Medellin ,Colombia)

“The whole EP is a banger from my man Marlon D! Favorite is 'Trust The Drum' followed by 'Heavens Saxaphone' .. all tracks here will definitely work for all crowds. Full support!”- Master Kev (Underground Collective)

“Here we have a massive E.P by producer Marlond D with a serious collection of dancefloor stompers that will have your crowd screaming for more.All the tracks are bangin!!”- Sammy Rock (Cyberjamz radio)

“Fantastic it!!!!”- Nicolas Matar (Cielo)

“Everyone's a winner !”- Neil Pierce (Fanatix,UK)

“Trust the Drum, Support, Thanks !!!”- Ame (Innervisions)

“Feeling this trust the drum sounds great!”- Needs (Germany)

“Trust the drum is dope as hell!!!” – 83 West (Canada)

“Always love the drums from Marlon,Bless the drum is timeless”- Smash (Giant Step,Blue Note,Motown)

“Deep Trust, YEAH !!!!”- DJ Deep (Paris,France)

“ Love the Heavens Sax, and Deep Trust,Pure Quality, Full support!!”- Ashley Beedle (UK)

“Hotness, Love the beats,Great Job Marlon .. WORK !”- That Kid Chris (TKC)

“Marlon is always awesome , I see that Colombia has been good to him”- DJ Meme (Brazil)




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