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Default 3345 Music - Lounge Affairs Vol. 1


Silky, Sexy, Sophisticated

These words are only the beginning to describing Intensity of Sound’s Lounge Affairs. Each song on Volume 1 is a shimming downtempo and chillwave gem. The amazingly subtle production - clean, crisp yet warm and inviting – provides the palette for Kim Bennett’s soaring vocals. The smooth funk propels the bliss of passion across a chill-wave vibe.

Don’t Turn Away From Me (Cinnamon Mix) sets heartbreak into motion as heart-felt longing is displayed.
This Is The Place (Late Night Mix) conjures a romantic moment as your heart begins to beat with the rising warm pads and deep groove.
Passing By lingers like a kiss hanging in the past with its smoky instrumental magic set against an e-funk back-drop.
Don’t Turn Away From Me (Original Version) raises the breakup tension with chunky beats pushing the moment forward.

What Others Have To Say:
"Great" - The Grooveblaster
"Nice Lounge E"- Alex Capelli
"Perfect fit for Harp and DJ project" - Matt Flores - combination, Mothership, compost&farside
"Lovely vibe indeed. I’m feeling it - well done." - Alex Attias – Freedom Soundz
"Don’t Turn Away From Me (Cinnamon Mix) - Calm and relaxed and so surreal, good to hear this expansion
Passing By - Picking u the pace with a deep jazzy atmosphere this will chill you out with some soul
This Is The Place (Late Night Mix) - The boppin’ keys and whisps meld well with the jazz ensemble of melodies, very slick
Don’t Turn Away From Me (Original Version)- The drop down to dub and broken beat are crafted well and the vocal lifts up the spirits deep within outwards for all to hear." - Marc Lacasse –

3345 Music – house and downtempo Moving you, Moving the World!
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