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Default [LRD039]Evren Ulusoy & Sezer Uysal - "At Night Remixes EP"

[LRD039]Evren Ulusoy & Sezer Uysal - "At Night Remixes EP"

Loco Records welcomes 2011 with a remixed version of an EP formerly released on the label from the talented duo of producers Evren Ulusoy & Sezer Uysal. "At Night Remixes EP" is composed of four refreshed tracks delivered by Triad, Echofusion, the duo Karol XVII & MB Valence and another duo Submantra & Le Vinyl. Hopefully, the release will become as successful as its previous edition including original versions of these excellent productions. The EP is now available on Beatport.

Check out the feedback:

Dj Chus - submantra & levinyl remix, is the one for me

Aki Bergen - Karol XVII & MB Valence remix for me, nice one

Mihai Popoviciu - karol remix for me.

Catz n Dogz (3Channels) - Another Quality release from Loco dope! voitek catzndogz

Hector Couto - nice!! :P

Demarkus Lewis - Super solid and in the playlist!

Klaus Spitzner - wow.. great package..

Nils Nuernberg - Really nice package guys. Triad's remix is right up my alley. THX

Soul Minority - Wicked collection of remixes !

Giom - Great work as usual, me likey the Echofusion mix the most. Thanks guys, keep up the great work

NTFO - Submantra & le vinyl remix sound's good but our favorite is Karol XVII & Mb Valence remix.. we will give a try next weekend tnx!

Ian [Lost My Dog] - all mixes are nice, good stuff.

Bas Amro - Nice ep! I like the Karol XVII & MB Valence remix! Thanks.

DJ Pippi - Absolutly Quality Deepness! I Like It! dj Pippi

Jask - Great deep release....I'm really loving the "At Night"(Karol XVII & MB Valence Remix)

Agent Matteo - Fantastic remixes, hard to choose a favourite!

Sabb [SK Supreme] - nice remixes here.

Jevne [Onethirty] - WOW!!! the Karoll XVII... MIX IS HOT!!!!!!! going to be in mixes for a while to dome I can tell already! SOLID

Darin Epsilon - Great remix by Karol XVII & MB Valence. Great sounds being used. The kind of deep house that doesn't drag or seem sluggish.

Topspin & Dmit Kitz [Vibra Macz Records] - Great release! will support! Thanks! Topspin & Dmit Kitz

Bruno From Ibiza - excellent remix package !

Richard Earnshaw - Karol XVII & MB Valence mix is cool.

DZeta N Basile - Another solid release here, fierce! Karol VXII & MB Valence and Submantra & Le Vinyl do the job at best for us!

Beatchuggers - Love the "At Night" remixes - Great for my warm up

C&M Productions-Marc - couldnt hear the "da boom" tunes in the player. the "at night" mixes are superb, quality deep like we love it from you guys !! thumbs up !!

Spiritchaser (Bamo) - Could only seem to listen to tracks 3 and 4..?...... But sounding cool..... Thanks.

Kirby - Da boom (echofusion's) & both remixes of at night sounds tight !! thanks will play

Evren Ulusoy - First, Congrats On Success ! As For This Nice set of remixes EP,Karol XVII & MB Valence remix is ace and liking the Triad as well.Thanks to u guys !

Fabien Kamb - Submantra & Le Vinyl did nice on the remix. Thanks!

Dean Serafini (Jjazproject - Thanks again for the promo: the first two tracks don't seem to load in the player but both mixes of "At Night" are smokin'. The throbbing bassline in Karol & MB's mix is out of this world.

Lukas Greenberg - absolutely great release 9/10

UGLH - Good deep house. Karoll XVII & MB Valence for us. Thanks.

Matt [Pack Up & Dance] - great release cheers!

Onur Ozman - Here i find good remixes but I'm still a fan of the original mixes.

Dj Jorj - cool track,diggin this... thanks jorj

George Morel - VEry nice and groovy track. Thank you. Will test.

Robert Owens - cool track and mixes

Wesley S [Toolroom Rec] - KAROL MIX!!!!! NICEEEEEE

Chris Tomsett (K-Bana) - Karol XVII & MB Valence Remix for me thanks guys! Nice deep groove

Zeque - i love all mixes EP in the bag!! thx..

Miqro - All 4 Miqro! No 2&3 rocks! Thx Again

DJ Mannix - all mixes are dope, Karol & MB Valance being my faves

DJ Sydney [Tokyo Red] - Nice stuff but nothing in this pack for me...thankyou

Tom Pasanec - Blacksoul - Super Deep with balls! love it Blacksoul

Grant T Paterson [E.N.] - Really into the deep version of At Night by Karol XVII and dubbier Submantra mix. Good package, will use. Thanks

Miguel Garji - Fantastic e.p like always . Full support ,sure

Aslak - Hard to choose a favorite here, its all quality!! But I think the Submantra & Le vinyl is the most dope! Thanks for sending.

MR Cenzo (MidiDropMusic - 4 Solid Remixes Here... All very playable.. :-)

Greg Fenton [M8 Mag] - another tasty karol xvII & mb valence remix

Sergi Ribas - Hi friends, for me the best ones are "at Night" (Both Remixes), Full support....

Kev Obrien - Another monster EP from to an even better start to 2011! Love ALL mixes.

Bobi [Club fm] - More beauty fromLoco Records, giving this release full support.

Igor [Ibiza Sonica] - great release. Thanks. Full support on Ibiza sonica

MR White - i like da boom jazzy mix

Steven Caicedo - the whole ep is great! will chart and play on my show! thanks LOCO

Bogdan Taran - wow, Echofusions mix on Da Boom is wicked, like that vocals treatment a lot! and EP in overall is quality.

Artette - Triad's Dopetroit rework is dope!

Satoshi Fumi - Karol XVII & MB Valence and Submantra & Le Vinyl remix for my set!

Sarah Main - nice deep grooves

Jose Maria Ramon [IGR] - cool!!! sounds great for my radio shows on Ibiza Global Radio

Mirko [Party Groove] - At Night (Karol XVII & Mb Valence) is the best for me! Support

Rasmus Juul - these remixes are sooo cool !! thx

Latenta Project (Dido) - very nice. Thanks

Hywel - Great & deep as always! Downloading for radio shows and sessions!

Ernesto - Fantastic one amigos..... Welldone!!!

London Electric Orchestra - Da Boom (Echofusion's Jazzy groove) for me x

Rafal Szewczyk [Fama FM] - Real cool stuff, Submantra & Le Vinyl my foavourite remix!

Dalime - Great!

Syndyk - Echofusion's remix will play for sure , thanks guys !

Elastic Sound - Nice pack! Thanks.. Elastic sound

Soul T - 'Da Boom (Triad's Dopetroit Remix)' is here the best for me, nice release, full support

Amdjs - Karol XVII & MB Valence remix is outstanding... Great music! The real music! Thank you!

Skipek - karol XVII i mb Valence!!

Paronator - karol xvii & mb valence made a good remix! thanks for this promo !

LondonGround - Great Packk!! full support to evren & sezer!!

DJ Berny - Submantra Rmx for me, but really a good Remix Package, full support to Loco Records!

Bolo - Right on time :-) Takin At Night remixes for tonight show. Greetz!

Neevald - great deep karol&mb remix 4 me thnx

Danilo D'Andrea - Submantra & Triad's! Thanks Danilo D'Andrea

Baris [Dinamo Radio] - Quality package! my fave to be submantra≤ vinyl (Barish Turker, Crobar BoraMusic HouseCast)

Kubatko - at night remix by Karol and MB is very cool, also feeling the da boom remix by triad.

DJ Spring - Submantra & Le Vinyl the best for me Deep & Tribe !

Data Urbana Argentina - Amazing sounds !!!

Sven Jacobsen - great ep awesome versions. i love it

Krummstoff - Submantra & Le Vinyl Remix is dope, thanks!

Qmusse - WoW! At night remixes are the best for me. Thx!

Sezer Uysal - All mixes are really great ! thanks to everyone for their great works. best wishes !

Edmund - Killer EP.. Will play all remixes for sure. This will be massive!

Jerri Kay (Soulove Deep) - Thanx! Karol XVII & MB Valence Remix @ At Night for me

DJ Daze - my favorite duo did the job again with this remix. but i must say! Echofusions version is fiiiine! God bless and a happy new year to you too!

Michael Fossati [S.o.H] - Delicious melodies and contagious deep house grooves make this an essential deep house release....

Seb Skalski - Wicked package !! echofusions mix workin best for me !!! full support !!

Francesco Bonora - always bomb from Karol & Mb,full support!

The Messenger - Cool set of remixes. Our favorites are Submantra & Le Vinyl Remix. Thanks for sending. The Messenger (Soul Industries/iRecords)

Craig Stewart - Submantra & Le Vinyl setting fire to "At Night", superb dance music. Submantra for me one of the best around right now, very hot Craig Stewart DCs Trax

Denz QH RADIO - Another deephouse banger by Karol XVII & MB Valence

Petey Dixon - Nice ep as usual. Happy New Year! Thanks!

Deep Active Sound - Very nice

Alex Kentucky [Ibiza Global Radio] - grooving!!! ready in my bag.Alex kentucky!!!

Da Funk - karol xvii & mb valnece remix here for me! nice again!

Juan Sunshine (MOD) - feeling it the karol XVII & MB Valence mix niceee

Brian Logstrup [Deso Records] - Amazing start, i absolutly love all four tracks !! Many many many thanks for sending, gonna play them out tonight !! Desos

Deep Active Sound - It's a magical sound. All remixes of the Summit.

Chriss Jaxx - i like it ! thanks

Joan Ribas - ultra cool ep, great tunes

Mafia Mike - Great release! I like K&MB rmx the best

Amir Groove - wicked EP!

Oscar P [Open Bar Music] - Oscar P - HOT!!!! & Crazee

Da Wiseguy (Jon Pierce) - well...what can i say. apart from CONGRATS! you guys deserve all the very best in success! i am a firm supporter of everything you do - and this is no exception....4 supremely sublime mixes here - heavy rotation from me as usual

Michael Fossati [S.o.H] - Exquisite deep house vibes laced with gorgeous melodies...

Zeque - i love the joint track! will play..

Thomas Langner (Ex-or) - Smokin' for me. Support !

Mike Kiraly [NYC] - Another solid and sexy release from Look Ahead. Digging "Smokin'" for sure. Thanks!
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