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Old 12-10-2010, 09:35 AM
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Default Fleetside ft. Carolyn Harding : Movin On 2011 (Remixes)

Artist: Fleetside ft. Carolyn Harding
Title: "Movin' On” 2011
Remixes by: Groove Junkies, Justin Harris, Ruben Mancias, Sacha Lucal, Stuttering Munx
Label: Tall House Digital
Available Now From: Traxsource

You can listen to previews of tracks from the Fleetside featuring Carolyn Harding "Movin On" 2011 single by clicking HERE.

Tall House Digital are extremely honoured and proud to present their first release which features the vocals from one the most successful dance music vocalists around! There have been a few versions of CAROLYN HARDING's “Movin' On” since the late 80's but probably the most successful releases were on AM:PM and most recent was with the mammoth Z RECORDS back in 2006 with Sessomato's (Joey Negro) version. Carolyn's worked with some of the biggest names around including Winston Jones, Dave Shaw, Seamus, Deep Zone, Soul Solution, FUKUTOMI and the list goes on and on. With a career which spans over two decades her records have climbed to the top of numerous charts across the world. Some of her earlier works include vocals for Salsoul Orchestras, Jocelyn Brown, and Little Louis Vega, to name a few. Still performing and going strong there is no stopping the extreme quality and strength of Carolyn's vocals. Tall House Digital bring you what is undoubtedly a serious pack of classic fresh mixes so you can safely say Tall House Digital mean business!

FLEETSIDE (Old Skool Flavour Mix) - Heading up the release with full use of the vocal in blazing and uplifting fashion. Chunky, funky house beats, snappy, skipping hats, big tribal drum fills and that's just for starters! Get your groove on as the cogs start to move and we advance in to the driving, funky bassline, lavish, rich organs immersed under Carolyn's intoxicating vocals and go deep in to the vibe of house. A real party piece....

GROOVE JUNKIES (MoHo Vox Mix) - Groove Junkies' Evan Landes delivers 2 slammin' mixes that are both soulful & deep and keep the integrity of Carolyn's incredible vocal fully intact. Rhodes, pianos, rhythmic synth, atmospheric pads and strings are the order of business here. No frills, no fuss, no muss; just a Classic GJ's rub of a classic tune. Stellar work from someone who's on a roll and in top form! It just sounds right!

JUSTIN HARRIS (Freaks) - The man from the UK South Coast is certainly riding the wave after his success over the last few years with the FREAKS and his solo productions. Taking us into 2011 with a slightly more teched up house remix Justin has a real talent for coming up with something different and exploits areas others don't reach. It really works, which is why he has a following of real house enthusiasts. Creative thinking and impeccable production makes him one of the freshest producer / remixers around and this remix has it all!

RUBEN MANCIAS unique style has been described as – Captivating, Soulful, Intelligently Creative and Passionate! Ruben bears his soul on everything he does and this remix is no exception. If you love your house music then you will become a follower of Ruben Mancias after hearing him sprinkle magic dust all over “Movin' On”.....Enjoy!

Hold on to your hat, here comes SACHA LUCAL with the (Hands Up) 2am Club Remix and it is exactly that. This is undoubtedly a big mainstream anthem and it rocks. Taking a totally different approach and using the fierceness of Carolyn's vocal to bang out a monster remix. Big main room electro style synths, chunky and fierce percussion pounds, feel the bass from head to toe and put your hands up! Can your speakers handle it?

STUTTERING MUNX pull out a version for the big main room. Stripped down and re-worked this showcases what the MUNX can really do in fulfilling every condition for a remix. A healthy scoop of the vocals works well with the mood and style of the track which swells and moves continuously throughout. The intelligent switch from the fat tech groove into the deep electro synth bass rattles your bones and works perfectly making this a Tech/Electro monster.

Selected DJ Reactions:
Graeme Park - “WTF?! Immense!”
Stonebridge - “That is fantastic music!”
Joey Silvero (Distant People) - “Very cool track indeed, something really fresh, strong vocals, and nice remix selection!”
Q-Burns Abstract Message - “Justin Harris version is a wild ride and the one for me.”
Paul Hughes - “Absolute class. In fact the only problem I'm having is deciding which is my favorite mix. Mighty, mighty hot!"
Joio DJ (DejaVoo Records) - "Wow! Very, very great old school sound for my soul. I love all 6 tracks. Very nice work people. So so cooooollll”
Craig Stewart - "Very hot package for the dance floor. Groove Junkies and Ruben Mancias with two silver bullets. So cool to hear this vocal again after all of these years - great work!”
Music-By-Yoko (Dive House Studio) - “The Groove Junkies Make me want to TURN UP THE MUSIC! Ruben makes me want to KEEP IT ON! A close call between the 2 versions for a favorite.”
Karricole - “Solid vocal by Ms. Carolyn! Really gives you the true house vibe from the heart. Justin Harris & Ruben Mancias are my fave mixes!”
Dave Hayes (Cocoon Lounge, Bahrain) - “Massive Tune Alert! Sussed that within 10 seconds of the first mix! The money shot is the Old Skool Mix for sure. In fact pretty much a mix for all occasions. In the Box!”

Visit Tall House Digital on the Web:
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