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Default [LRD037]Various Artists - "A Four Track Sampler V. 10"

[LRD037]Various Artists - "A Four Track Sampler Volume 10"

The tenth edition of "A Four Track Sampler" from Loco Records introduces four great artists who have formerly appeared on the label and now return to present their brand-new productions. As first, we have a Romanian artist Dirty Culture who has delivered his material in cooperation with a Hungarian producer Paul Mad that illustrates an interesting aspect of deep house that can be found in their "Conception Of A House Master". Next, there is a splendid track belonging to Filippo Mistretta aka Submantra entitled "The Sound Of The Underground". Filippo, who discovered his passion for the deep sound almost 10 years ago, focuses on making excellent music that is highly appreciated by various labels where he successfully releases his productions. "El Poema" is the third recording included in the sampler from Qmusse - a Barcelonian artist who has been dealing with electronic music for quite some time now. Owing to studies in electronic music and sound engineering, he may constantly develop and produce tunes that sound exceptionally peculiar. Last but not least, we've got a Spanish duo of producers Le Vinyl & Mani Rivera whose "Smoking Area" emphasizes what is fundamental to deep house, and while listening to this track we get the essence of the genre. The EP is now available on Beatport.

Check out the feedback:

Anna Wall [Defected] - Instantly want to play Conception of a House Master tune out. This will go far. 8/10

Roger Sanches - downloading,thanks

Lukas Greenberg - hi there, thx a lot for the promo! very very nice release!! will play it 4 shure! my fav submantra

Franck Roger - submantra and smokin area are rollin for me !

Kirby - Submatra - The sound of the underground sounds great ! Some great tracks in that sampler, as usual ! thanks

Ben Sowton [Seamless] - great release all 4 great tracks

Bruno From Ibiza - I like the tracks from Dirty Culture & Le vinyl, good stuff as usual from the Loco team !

Soul Minority - Another great Volume !!! Thanks !

Ian [Lost My Dog] - First track my fave here - good rolling and stabbing groove a la Mushrooms

Fer Ferrari - Dirty Culture for me!!! thanks

Kev Obrien - Nice to hear some new stuff from Dirty Culture, quality.. but Submantra is tops for me..real nice vibe on this one. will be playing

Ernesto - Nice various artist... Love four tracks sampler edition!!!

Da Funk - full support! great stufff again!

Edmund - The EP has the Loco Records mark for sure! If i must take a favourite maybe could be Le Vinyl & Mani Rivera - Smoking Area.. Nice work

DJ Dealer [Look At You] - Dope & deep, of course it is on point! DJ Dealer

Spiritchaser (Bamo) - Thanks Guys......." Smoking Area" ..... among some good tunes.

Da Wiseguy ( Jon Pierce) - another uber slick release from the loco camp - but it's the super sexy and sultry "el poema" from qmusse which steal the show for me!!

Big Al [Ready Mix] - Great release once again!!! Will support. Cheers.

Deep Active Sound - Beautiful sampler. All tracks are very good.

Grant T Paterson [E.N.] - For me: funky El Poema and Smoking Area with it's slightly techie edge meets dreamy house. Thanks

Sin Plomo - good vibes EP, thanks

Dean Serafini (Jjazproject - All four tracks offer up something a little different, from deeper than deep through to breezy and eclectic. So far it's "Smoking Area" that's caught my attention the most. Cheers, Dean

DJ MVX - nice EP i look forward to more

Joan Ribas - great sound as usual, have to check it louder

DJ Sydney [Tokyo Red] - Conception of a house master is doing it for me :-) Le Vinyls done a good job here too. Thankx

Richard Earnshaw - Not bad. I've heard much better on Loco. Thanks for the heads up.

Scibi - Good as always


Wesley S [Toolroom Rec] - SOLID LABEL WITH WICKED TRACKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Greg Fenton [M8 Mag] - liked sound of the underground & smoking area

Seva K - Some pretty tasty beats in there! Will play for sure

Skipek - Dirty Culture & Paul Mad - Conception Of A House Master smashed!!

Sezer Uysal - Both tracks are good but my favs are D.Culture, Le Vinyl mixes, thanks

Zeque - i love all the tracks! and i will play them! thx for sendin.

Dave Storm - hard to pick but it seems "Smoking Area" can do well in my sets

UGLH - Good release. Thanks


Topspin & Dmit Kitz [Vibra Macz Records] - Conception of a House for us! Many thanks, cheers - Topspin & Dmit Kitz

Bobi [Club fm] - very dope ep.I can’t choose, all trax are great..definite chart and club support, thanks

DJ Berny - For me El Poema is a monster trak, thanx!

Qmusse - Nice Ep!

Michael Fossati [S.o.H] - Exquisite selection of deep house tracks spreading an infectious feel...

Antony Angell - Submantra is slammin, massive support from me

Seb Skalski - Nice percussive Stuff , Submantra work best for me ...Support !!!

Sven Jacobsen - i have no idea who you can always do a 4 track sampler with 4 awesome tracks. and again i love it and will play them all.

Ralf Gum - Conception of a house master is the one for me here. Thanks

Sabb [SK Supreme] - tottaly love the first track !

Amdjs - Top quality EP. Loco Records style. Count us in the support.

Lemon Popsicle (Wollion) - el poema is awesome !!! suport...

Chriss Jaxx - yeah! thx

DJ Daze - finally, been waiting for the 10th sampler!! all are beautiful but the flute in smoking area fascinated me most! the conceptrion of a house master is a killer dancefloor bomb!

Danilo D'Andrea - conception of a house master! Download & thanks Danilo D'Andrea

Mirko [Party Groove] - Love it! Full support!

Igor [Ibiza Sonica] – it’s a shame. you shoul do 10 tracks sampler. just great. Loving every single release of Loco records. Full support on Ibiza sonica

Yves Murasca - love all of your stuff at the moment!

LondonGround [VIVa Music, Loco Records, Katchuli, iRecords] - Dirty Culture & Paul Mad - Conception Of A House Master!!! for me!! awesome track! & awesome EP! Thanks!

Evren Ulusoy - Nice solid package all around .will defo support ! Qmusse and le vinyl for me but dirty culture and paul mad is also nice..

Denz QH RADIO - Conception of a house master! nice track! thank you!

MR White - 'smoking area' is really nice thanks !! mr.white

Rafal Szewczyk [Fama FM] - Conception of A Hose Master, El Poema my favourite!

Noir [Noir Music] - Dirty Culture and Paul Mad is really dope. Cool release guys.

Ivan Picazo (Cr2, Espai Music, Sincopat, Nulogic) - Super deep release! Perfect tunes for my sets! Congrats to all artist!!

Huxley (Michael Dodman) - feeling the le vinyl track. will play. thanks.

Nadja Lind / Klartraum (Darkroom Dubs, Lucidflow, Soma Rec.) - "Aweseomely fat house release. Full support!"

Deep Active Sound - Great sampler. It's for me.

Mariano Mateljan ( Baile Musik, Galvanic, Sweetleaf) - Full support!

Maxxa - this sampler is very strong, like Qmusse a lot - will play Next favorite is Smoking area - nice deep track Sound of underground - really dope track and Conception of house master- wicked!!! Loco rocks! All tracks will play

Andrea Speakdeep - quality as always___submantra _ The sound of underground for me _ full support

David Herrero Rodriguez - full support for this release, thanks

Sezer Uysal [Loco Records] - D.Culture and Le Vinyl, great tracks, will defo play them in my live sets !

Le Vinyl - Full Support For All Ep Thx

Bas Amro - I really like El Poema, great track, will play! :-)

Javi Bora (2020Vision) - Great pack. Love all tracks. Dirty Culture & Paul Mad is a bomb

Steven Caicedo - EL poema is the one for me – THANKS!

Jevne [Onethirty] - wow nice set of thumpers! All really throw down! Full support here!

Mike Haddad [Witty Tunes] - Submantra is sick!!!!

Echofusion - Ok this is it! I love every track! I will support every track and thats that!! Nice one guys lovely EP!!

Luca Ricci - Thank you I'm downloading for Luca Ricci.

Harold Heath - i like smoking area, will give it a shot

Terry [5chicago] - for review, thanks.

Bogdan Taran - Great and quality vital music EP, I like here all except Qmusse. In support.

Darin Epsilon - These 4 productions definitely support that distinct Loco sound. Dirty Culture & Paul Mad track is my favorite here!!

Satoshi Fumi - love SUbmantra

Francesco Cofano [Audiobite Soulful] - Superb package, great atmospheres in perfect deep house style. My fav is "The Sound of the Underground - Submantra" Full Support.

Submantra - Honored to be part of this amazing package!

Tony Humphries - Hyped underground tracks! Nice!
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