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Old 08-06-2009, 06:39 PM
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Default PABLO FIERRO - AFRONATION EP on Nu Deep Music!!!

Nu Deep is proud to bring you Pablo Fierro's second outing following on from the popular “Deep Skyline EP”. This multi faceted performer from the island of Tenerife composes, sings, produces and plays numerous instruments and, despite his relative youth, already has more than 1000 releases behind him. Not content merely with making music for the dance floor, his music has featured not only in the clubs but on radio, television and in the cinema.
Find out more at

PABLO FIERRO "Afronation EP" [NDE008]

This release features three tracks the first of which is “Afronation”, a deep percussive number with tribal rhythms, vocal chants and atmospheric synths. “Power of Love” is another deep house number combining enticing synths with a laid back combination of vocals. The “Juan Fierro Remix” provides an edgier alternative that retains all the depth of the original with a slightly more incisive synth arrangement. The final dose of deepness comes in the form of “Ain't Not A Perfect Man” which is about as deep as it gets in its “Original Mix”. The “Deep Y'All Remix” adds some beautiful chords and some rather funky guitars to complete the package.

1) Afronation (Original Mix) #6:11
2) Power Of Love (Original Mix) #6:27
3) Power Of Love (Juan Fierro Remix) #6:14
4) Ain't Not a Perfect Man (Original Mix) #6:35
5) Ain't Not a Perfect Man (Deep Y'All Remix) #6:31

Tracks composed, arranged, edited and mixed by Pablo Fierro.
Distribution & Licensing: Gotta Keep Faith Distribution - Info:

As usual, we expect this will be well received but feedback is most helpful to both the artist and label. Please take the time to share your thoughts with us at
Supported by:

-Dalminjo (Papa records)- “Lovely deep house package. I really like the Original Mix of Power of Love. DEEEEEP...”

-Master Kev (Underground Collective – NYC)- “Feeling this., will definitely rock it!!”

-Melchyor A (Razana/Soulshine/Slip’n’Slide)- “Love this pack, play it always on my radios show ! Nu Deep's on my head ! Rate : 8/10”

-Kay Alexi- “Thanks for this good track.”

-Nick Holder (DNH Recordings)- “I’m diggin’ them joints.”

-Michael Fossati (Spirit Of House)- “Pablo Fierro follows up his recent "Deep Skyline EP" with the "Afronation EP", a release we think will even score bigger for him. The title track "Afronation" is driven by a deep mesmeric tribal rhythm and features atmospheric synths and hypnotic vocal chants, while "Power of love" is a mellow deep house number featuring seductive male vocals and sweet synths. The remix by Juan Fierro gives the track a more edgy feel. Lastly there is the intoxicating "Ain't not a perfect man" that goes as deep as it gets and features sultry vocals and spaced-out melodies, remixed by DJ Rico whose funked-up 'Deep Y'All Remix' adds beautiful chords.”

-Richard Earnshaw (Duff Note)- “Really like the original mixes of “Afronation” and “Power of Love”. Maybe a little too chilled for my Earnshaw club sets but will keep it handy. Will give plenty of support on our Elements Radio show .”

-Lewis Ferrier-“ What a cool e.p. ! Very Nice deep stuff ! Afronation and Power Of Love
(Juan Fierro Remix) are my favorite.”

-Sosue (SoulKomplex/Raw Artistic Soul)- “Still amazing package! Like all mixes. Will be in heavy rotation.”

-Andy Roberts (Mixed Music Signals)- “Digging the Afronation original, heavy tune…”

-Dj Hinge (Soulful Selection)- “Love this whole EP. But my favorite is Afronation, which is a nice deep, sultry work of art. Excellent!!”

-Niall Redmond (UK)- “This is good and deep.Very nice. Like Ain’t Not A Perfect Man (Original mix)…’s the best. I will be playing this.”

-Morgan Rhodes (Embrace The Movement)- “This EP is FIRE FIRE FIRE FIRE. I will be telling all of the house heads about this one.”

-Jason Pepperell- “Great little ep! Full support on my DeepSoul show!”

-Dj Escada- “Very Chic Music as always.”

-Danilo D’andrea (Party Groove Radio)- “Afronation & Ain't no perfect man" both in a original mix!”

-Ray Fenwick (Converge-UK)- “I have listened to all of the tracks and the pick of the bunch for me is Pablo Fierro - Ain't Not a Perfect Man (Original Mix). Very cool deep track with a nice groove to it. This will be getting my support over the coming months.”

-Zweiklang- "Nu Deep´s 8th release, the Afronation EP shows some deep tribal feelings on the dancefloor. The Afronation Original Mix works best for us. We´ll be playing this EP during our summer dj sets, full support!"

-Bruno Fanack- “The best for me: I love the sound of Ain't Not a Perfect Man (Deep Y'All Remix) Good progression of beats and beautiful rhodes on this voice: very nice track! Afronation (Original Mix) Wouaw, hot beats, djambes, upping back voices; I want to dance!!! Power Of Love (Original Mix) Hypnotic track, smooth, I like...”

-Artem (Dj Soulmate)- “Nice deeeeep sounds. My fave one is "Power Of Love (Original)". Will support in deeper sets.”

-Steve Frisco- “Very good EP. Like all traxx. My favorite is ‘Ain't Not a Perfect Man (Original Mix)’"

-Dj Bee- “Pablo Fierro is MACHINE. love track and Afronation isssssss fantasticcc. Pura Rumba.”
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