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Lightbulb channel 2 & JMJ issues ...

Chris ..

Last night, I disabled the automatic service that shuts off the auto dj for channel 2. What it does is when you're streaming on the /live2/ publishing point, it automatically shuts it off and lets the players connected the 'live2.asx' playlist to listen to your feed.

Unfortunately, when I moved over the files to the new directory, I mised one the pharses XML settings for the automatic service and therefore it was not turning on the stream lights for channel 1. When I shut it down, I was not aware your show was going on.

I found why the program was bombing out and replaced the missing file so now the auto system is back to normal, you will have no issues next week. Additionally, I'm writing (from scratch) another service that turns on the streamlight for channel 2. That will be ready this weekend sometime.

At that point, all of channel 2 issues would have been resolvoed.

But question to you, why didn't you pop in the chat and see if I or sammy was there? I've been monitoring this for the past week trying to isolate any issues like this. A quick 'help' would have resolved everthing right then and there.


If another player is firing up when you click on an .asx link then that tells you somethign right there. Another player has taken your .asx file association and made it its defalut. That player that is firing up you'll need to remove or re-associate your WMA settings back to the WMP.

Also, if the sound is choppy, could be the 'other' player that is firing up has installed its codecs and now your system is not using native WMP codecs to play streaming MP3.

Try this, if you have iTunes, go to | Advanced | Open Stream (or URL) |

and enter this:

if you get no issues playing the stream with iTunes then the problem is isolated to your media player configuration.

As for the change of the site affecting the audio, absolutely no changes were done to the media servers. Only webpages replaced others.

The new chat room runs off of the flash media server and doesn't interfere with the server at all! In fact it uses about 60% less resources than the old chatroom used to.

Check your installations and try again.
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