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Default Don't You Take Your Love - Michele Chiavarini

Listen/buy Don't You Take Your Love -
Michele Chiavarini onTRAXSOURCE

Michele Chiavarini?Don't You Take Your Love?

Produced, arranged and programmed by Michele Chiavarini.
Written by Willy Washington, Nathaniel Anthony Landry and Michele Chiavarini.
All instruments by Michele Chiavarini.
Vocals Performed by Jillian (Courtesy of Willytrix Productions).
Vocals Produced, Arranged, Recorded & Engineered
by Willy Washington for Willytrix Productions.
Mixed by Toni Economides, assisted by Clinton McCreery.
Thanks to Sophie Josling, Mike Barnes, and Willy Washington


01. Don't You Take Your Love (Groove Junkies Remix)
Produced, Arranged & Remixed by Evan Landes for Groove Junkies Productions

02. Don't You Take Your Love (Soulfuledge Remix)
Produced, Arranged & Remixed by Soulfuledge

03. Don't You Take Your Love (Groove Junkies & DJ Spen Re Edit)
Produced & Remixed by Evan Landes for Groove Junkies Productions. Edited by DJ Spen

04. Don't You Take Your Love (Original Mix)

05. Don't You Take Your Love (Mr.Michele?s Ultramagnetic Funk Mix)

06. Don't You Take Your Love (Groove Junkies & DJ Spen Dub)
Produced & Remixed by Evan Landes for Groove Junkies Productions. Edited by DJ Spen

Quantize Recordings proudly presents,
We keep hitting ya with killer tunes and this one has the intensity that we at Quantize Recordings have built in sound and energy. Michele Chiavarini is no stranger to the music world in many genres. His productions, compositions, and mixes are spectacular in musicianship and scholarly integrity. This song, ?Don?t You Take Your Love? is a perfect example of what he does. Released on QTZ?s 2015 Miami Sampler, it is layered with dramatic, belting vocals. She soulfully and masterfully sings this song with passion & energy that will drive your dance floor! We are thrilled to add these remixes to an amazing piece of work. Groove Junkies Remix- GJs mix is just a beautiful merge of pounce and groove. Filled with enigmatic bass, straight housing drums and soothing keys, this mix will memorize you from beginning to end. Soulfuledge Remix- As you already know, Soulfuledge mixes are soulful, edgy, and fiery! His remix jams with that soulful rhythmic grind you'll need to pulverize your dance floor. Groove Junkies & DJ Spen Re-edit- Without describing it in redundant adjectives, DJ Spen puts his treatment on Groove Junkies fantastic remix with an edit that has everything that GJs does, but with a different ?Spen." We also included Dub that expands this mix even more. Michele?s Original Mix- Many of you know this original mix and if you don?t you are in for a treat! Michele winds this mix up with a mix and composition that is still unrivaled. It has the groove that inspired all these great remixes. Mr. Michele?s Ultramagnetic Funk Mix- Michele is on fire! Expanded in tracks, this mix is smoking with its multiple keys with guitars and funky drums! He sure knows what he is doing and you will easily add this mix to your peak time collection.
The label?
The sound?
The energy!

Andrew Heartly "AWESOME!! "
Best Mix : Groove Junkies & DJ Spen Re Edit
C J Mackintosh "Support"
Candice McKenzie "Soulfuledge mix for me!! Thank you Quantize!!"
craig Bartlett "love to see thos junkies of the groove back on it - this is dope"
Craig Stewart "Stunning! dance music, love it - great work"
David Anthony "Nice package"
davide fiorese "THIS IS HOT!!!"
Deli G "Top Remix Package On Quality Sound All Mixes Are HOT"
Demarkus Lewis "Feeling Soulfuledge Remix on this one .. nice 1"
Dj Able "What a package Groove Junkies Mix for me ! Fire"
DJ Biskit "Digging the Original Mix"
DJ Booker T "heavyyyy set of mixes will support"
Dj Chocolate Brown from RiskSoundSystem "Groove Junkies & DJ Spen vox dub is favo. Soulfuledge rmx is nice too"
Dj Damond Ramsey "Great package"
Dj Diephuis "Groove Junkies Spen Edit is doing it for me!"
DJ Sir Charles Dixon "will spin"
Dj Spinna "Lcve Dub!"
DjPope "nice"
Evan (More House Records) "Great package! Thankful to be a part of it."
Geoffrey C "Love it!!!"
Gianni Junior "Another bomb from Quantize fam!"
Groove Assassin "killa set of mixes to boot !!"
Groove CarteLL "Love it, the Ultramagnetic Funk Mix is eargarsim!"
Hippie Torrales "Nice production"
Jerome Hicks "love it!!!"
Just Mo "Too nice , very soulful just the way i like it."
Louis Benedetti "Full support. Thanks!!"
Mannix "UMF Mix!"
MArio Chrisostomou "Bangin!"
Martin Lodge "Ultramagnetic funk mix for me"
Mind Street "Top Ep, Groove Junkies rmx is Top, Support!!!"
Mr Mike "Great release! Thanks."
Parrish Wintersmith "rock solid package"
Paul Trouble Anderson "Kool like it"
Richard Earnshaw "Quality....on it!"
Robert Owens "Great tracks"
Russell Pollitt "Rather tasty if you ask me! "
Sean McCabe "Groove Junkies knocked it out of the park!"
Soulfuledge "Who is this Soulfuledge guy? He sounds freakin' awesome! "

Robbi is sponsored by
24 hrs of banging dance music in surround sound
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