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Old 09-14-2005, 12:50 AM
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Arrow looking for house, house/techno, techno djs

Looking for house djs to post to my new website:

I am a Chicago style dj...located right in the heart of downtown Chicago. The mixing styles on my site is how we do it in chi-town. I am a guest dj throughout the Chicago land area. Unfortunately, a lot of djs that I know don't usually go on the computer or they have a strange bias about it when I ask them to try it. It may be fear...I don't know, but you'll be surprised at the people who are very good djs..etc..but don't trust their music being posted online or are just happy being resident djs where they are.

In the world of a dj sometimes its hard for them to imagine that there are other competent djs outside of Chicago. I am intent on proving this to them. Just to let them know that there is a 'living breathing world' outside of Chicago who can mix great if not better than they. We had a bet and they pretty much committed me to this charge. They conceded if I had it posted on my site...they would listen to it. Many of these djs make good money out here...enough that they occasionally have guest djs come out. They even alluded to having djs from another state come out if they thought they were good enough. Anyway, that's how I'm able to mix with them as a 'guest' a lot. I just can't quit my day job to come on full time.

This is a very new website that I'm still building in some areas...I just would like to have a total of 100 djs from all over to stream their mixes from my site...I am a IT professional...Therefore, I will have your music streaming through real player (.ram) Not in .wma or.mp3 formats. With .wma and .mp3 it has little security and can easily be stolen. Even though, .ram isn't free and clear...I just know that thieves will have a harder time stealing in that format. If you want to have your music displayed that way then that's fine. But it would have to be hosted from your server. Any who, thanks for looking...and you can email me too at

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