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Default Mark Di Meo feat.Nickson-Let It Be Love (You Should Be Mine)

listen/buy Mark Di Meo feat. Nickson-Let It Be Love (You Should Be Mine)HERE

Mark Di Meo feat Nickson
'Let It Be Love (You Should Be Mine)'

Mark Di Meo & DJ Spen's Original Mix
DJ Spen, Irvin Madden & Thommy Davis Remix
N'Dinga Gaba Remix
Chris IDH Remix
Homeplates Remix
Mark Di Meo & DJ Spen's Original Instrumental
DJ Spen, Irvin Madden & Thommy Davis Instrumental

Produced & Arranged by Mark Di Meo
Co-Produced by DJ Spen
All Keyboards, Drum Programming & Arrangement by Mark Di Meo
Vocals Written, Recorded & Performed by Nickson M Phala
Bass by Slikk Tim
Guitar by Francesco Cocchianella
Mixed & Mastered by DJ Spen
Tracks 2 & 7, Produced by Irvin Madden, DJ Spen & Thommy Davis
Keyboards by Irvin Madden
Drum Programming by DJ Spen
Additional Arrangements by Thommy Davis
Track 3 Remixed By N’Dinga Gaba for Global Diplomacy Productions
Track 4 Remixed, All Drum Programming, All Keyboards & Mixed by Chris IDH - Greece
Track 5 Produced, Arranged, Engineered, Mixed & Mastered by Homeplates
Homeplates are Luzio Marinelli, Marco Atella & Max Scatti /
Executive Producers Sean Spencer & Thommy Davis
Published by Quantize Music Publishing

Italian DJ & Producer Mark Di Meo makes his Quantize debut alongside vocalist Nickson with Let it Be Love, a sumptuous slice of soulful goodness busting with warm vocals, slick guitar licks & bubbly bass. Already a respected producer following his recent work for labels such as Soundmen on Wax, Spirit Sound and Gotta Keep Faith - Mark is quickly gaining quite a following.... and it’s easy to see why! Alongside the Original, the single is given the full Quantize remix treatment with Spen, Irvin Madden & Thommy Davis turning in 2 punchy remixes, keeping all the essence of the original but adding in some Baltimore heat! The ever impressive N’Dinga Gaba takes things a little deeper in the mix with a real soothing organic sounding vibe - typically brilliant. The release moves European for mixes 4 & 5 with Greece’s Chris IDH & Italian trio Homeplates all adding a different flavour to the track, and making the decision of which mix to play that little bit harder!

Phil Asher - Super Release - Love the N'Dinga Mix, very nice!
Kevin Hedge - Blaze - Good record I'm feeling the N'Dinga Mix
Danny Krivit – Very cool
Atjazz - Naughty & Noisey, really strong release. N'Dinga & Homeplates Remixes are nice and interesting, Original is great of course!
Marques Wyatt - Dope EP, feelin it
Tedd Patterson - This is gonna be a big summer tune! Really great production here. The original mix is my fave, but the lot is great and I will play more than it
Gavin Mills - Copyright - Always great to hear some quality soulful house
N’Dinga Gaba - Yet another banger from Quantize!!! it was an absolute pleasure being apart of this package!!! A little something for all types of dancefloors!!
Richard Earnshaw - Quantize is setting a fine example!
Andy Ward - I definitely can rock this.. loving the Spen, Madden & Davis Mix
CJ Mackintosh – Mark’s & Spen Original Mix for me... working
Ralf Gum - N’Dinga’s mix is great for my sets
Kenny Carpenter - I love it!
Master Kev - HOT!! This is an amazing song! Love the Spen/Mark original mix as well as the Chris IDH remix.. Will definitely support!!
Oli Lazarus - Reel People - Homeplates mix best for me
DJ Pope - Another hit from the hit factory full support
DJ Rork - Nice song!! (As usual here!), my heart goes to the Homeplates Remix & N'Dinga Gaba Remix. Full support! Chart it! Play it!
DJ Oji - This package is ridiculous! I have no idea which mix to play. They are all very good
DJ Chocolate Brown - Very dope package! Will do well for sure! Hard to pick my favoroute mix.. All are great.. But if I had to pick a fave it would come down to N'Dinga Gaba's mix and the Original!
Ale Deep (UnconventionalParty / Milan) - Reallly an awesome work of my friend Mark Di Meo. DJ Spen, Irvin Madden & Thommy Davis Mix is so bangin! KILLER TRACK!
Thommy Davis - Another rainbow of mixes and each one fits in multiple sets. I really am excited about this one. Big shout out to the team on this one!
Jean Paul (Spiritual Blessings Productions) - High quality as always on Quantize Records’ releases. Love the original one by Mark & Spen. Will use for my crowds the Spen/Madden/Davis remix. The N’Dinga’s musical journey is one of my pick fro radio set. Good note also for Homeplates keys solo
Jacko (Tony Records) - Glad to see Mark making his debut on Quantize Recordings! Quality soulful house at its best. And an all-star Remix package, very hard to pick a fave I'll try to play as many as I can.. At the first listen Original and Spen & Thommy Davis are my picks! Excellent release.
Paul Trouble Anderson - Great track best Mix N'Dinga's Mix
Damond Ramsey - This package is very nice, Homeplates Mix is my favorite
Salvatore Agrosi - MindTech - Full support for this hot project!! Original Mix is for me
DJ Dealer (Look at You Records) - Sounds like a solid project...the Chris IDH and Original mixes jump out to me on first listen
Groove Assassin - Slammin package from Quantize let up from this superb label... Heavy support, mixes on rotation!!
Mario Chrisostomou (BFBS Radio, UK) - A real 'deep' feel to this one, definitely give it some plays. Favourote mixes are N'Dinga’s and Homeplate.
DJ Patrick Scientific - I love all of the remixes of this song. This allows me to play this song in a bunch of different mixes. No matter where the music takes me there is a version that I can play
DJ Biskit - Digging the Spen, Irvin & Thommy Remix. Real funky! Will try it out on the headz!
Evan Landes - Groove Junkies - Dope release! All mixes are workin’ for me w/ a special nod going towards the Chis IDH remix. Support comin’….
Mark Robinson - The Str8jackets (Strictly Rhythm) - Classy stuff… Will use the Spen, Madden & Davis mixes for sure in our Str8jackets sets…
Parrish James – Love it!!!
Dino Michael (Godfathers House Radio Show GHFM) - The N’Dinga Gaba & Chris IDH & Homeplate Mix rocks it for me! Wish there were also instrumentals. Full support!
MoD - Another dope release… Great label….
Gianni Junior – Nice one!
Luis Radio - Great release.. Keep up the great Italian works
Olivier Valey (Stalwart Records, FR) - Thanks for the new Quantize, dope release i love all the mixes very very hard to pick one
Mr Mike - I can roll with this!
Craig Bartlett - As ever another fantastic varied mix package something for everyone love it
DJ Mannix - N’Dinga’s mix again hits all the right buttons for me
Matthew Bandy - Loving the original, great release will support
Craig Stewart - Spen, Madden & Davis jam is HOT! So is the jam from our bro N’Dinga, superb
Rony Breaker - Beautiful release , hard to choose which remix is the best.. I really like N'Dinga remix!!
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