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Old 08-20-2009, 09:16 AM
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Default SSR presents Suges-All Over My Body:10th Anniversary Edition

click here ti listen/buy Suges-All Over My Body: 10th Anniversary Edition

The Suges all-time classic returns with Jason B and Martino remixes

Celebrating ten years in the industry with the song that launched his career, Suges offers up finally in digital format one of the quintessential specimens of deep house. Having been played and adored the world over, used in TV shows, remixed and rereleased over the years, with the overabundance of AutoTune vocals in music today we at Soulstream thought it would be a didactic experience to remind you of one of the first uses of this sound...a full ten years ago.

Back in 1998 none of the Soulstream artists had access to technology as expensive as AutoTune, and ironically Suges didn't want to have to use his strange Korg ih vocoder, but he just didn’t have a trained singer to work with. Coupled with no multitrack recorder and nowhere near the sampling time needed to record a full vocal, Suges wrote short lyrics for his girlfriend to sing, had her sing them into the Korg while he played the notes and sampled it into the synth, and ran the whole song off his Kurzweil K2000’s onboard sequencer into his MiniDisc recorder. Indeed, this is how All Over My Body was made.

Fast-forward ten years: new technology (such as the Roland V-Synth GT) has allowed Suges to revisit the original source files for the song and manipulate them freely for his new version on this release. Plus, good friends and unparalleled deep remixers Jason B and Martino were invited onboard the project for their unique takes on the piece. Rounding out the release is the definitive compendium of every version made of the song, beautifully remastered from the original tapes, MiniDiscs, and vinyl. Far more than a nostalgic trip down memory lane, this record serves as a time capsule immortalizing how deep house used to be defined.
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