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Default [LRD035]Various Artists - "A Four Track Sampler Volume 9"

[LRD035]Various Artists - "A Four Track Sampler Volume 9"

Loco Records introduces the ninth edition of "A Four Track Sampler" composed of four unreleased recordings from Hamza, Maxxa, Valeria Karter, and Submantra. First, we'll hear Hamza - an artist from New Delhi, who has acquired a reputation as a pioneer of the house scene in India and one of the most innovative and exciting up-and-coming producers today. Hamza's diverse international sound results from his strong musical background as well as growing up in India and traveling around the world. His unique style of house music combining deep, tribal, and funky sounds together with strong world music influences may be noticed in his excellent production "Mooody". The second recording comes from Maxxa, who has already appeared on the seventh edition of "A Four Track Sampler" series. This time, Maxxa returns to present his brilliant track called "Speak To My Soul". Next, there's a great recording from Valeria Karter - a very talented DJ and producer who studies electronic music and drums at the Conservatory of Saint Cecilia. Valeria started her career at 20 years old in the clubs situated on the Italian coast and then she met Anny D, her mentor in this profession, who made a decisive turn in her career. At the moment, Valeria focuses on producing deep house music she claims to love very much and her talent for creating this particular sound can be admired in her latest release "Finder". The final track belongs to Filippo Mistretta aka Submantra. Filippo lives in Vizzini - a small town near Catania. In 1992 he discovered his passion for the deep sound that has lasted up to now. Not only he's been djing since he turned 12, but also making music for over 10 years now. Submantra has had a lot releases on such labels as Irma Records, Sony,Clubstar, Starlight, Soulshine, Universe Media, and now he's decided to put out his gorgeous production "Take Me" on Loco Records. The EP is now available on Beatport.

Collected feedback:

The Timewriter - "Speak To My Soul" is a killer.Loving it. Also Feeling "Take me".Will play!! Thanks

Eelke Kleijn - Submantra track is great

Steven Caicedo - Another great sampler from the Loco camp! Deep, groovy, and with plenty of attitude, just as i like it!

Aki Bergen - Nice!

Nils Nuernberg - 'Take Me' is outstanding. Really like it and will play this out a lot! THX for the music!

Bruno From Ibiza - nice deep house, pure Loco style !

Franck Roger - take me is for me so far.. nice deep groove on it

Grant Nelson - Straight in the bag! Cheers!

Ben Sowton [Seamless] - great package

Robert Owens - great ep

John Digweed - downloading now

Satoshi Fumi - love Take Me.nice stab!

Spiritchaser (Bamo) - These Samplers get better and better! great work guys...

Lemon Popsicle (Wollion) - take me for me! support

Matt Masters [Freerange] - Loving track 4 on this. Nice old school vibes

Fabien Kamb - Love this series a lot! Maxxa + Hamza are the ones for me - thnx.

Mike Haddad - Take Me is dope!!!

Seva K - Take Me is sweet!

Eliot & Funky Solo - as always; good, quality and cool. Keep the good vibe bros!

Craig Stewart - Again another brilliant 4 tracker from the mighty "Loco" Superb dance music, really feelin' Maxxa & Submantra's works, deep with some serious groove Craig Stewart Acryl

Darin Epsilon - Best track for me is the one by Submantra. Great chord sounds that carry the song. The others aren't really what I'm looking for, a little too techy and not enough development.

DJ Sydney [Tokyo Red] - Nothing in this pack for me..thankyou

Ian [Lost My Dog] - All the tracks are cool, with 'Take Me' standing out most to my ears. Thanks!

Big Al [Ready Mix] - Another great EP from the Loco camp. Will support thanks.

Valentin Huedo [IS] - good & fresh deep house, will try. Thanx

Rafal Szewczyk [Fama FM] - Nice Vibration sounds, Hamza - Moody, Submantra - Take Me, - my favourite!

Denz QH RADIO - Submantra : love this deepvibe!

Da Funk - submantra for me! dope!

Jevne [Onethirty] - MAXXA! dope! HAMZA dope! VOL 9 DOPE!

DJ Berny - Valeria Karter - Finder is the track for me, delicious! Berny

Joan Ribas - another excellent ep

Da Wiseguy ( Jon Pierce) - nice tidy 4 tracker from my boys karol xvii and mb valence - but the outright winner here for me is hamza - lovely!!

Echofusion - Lovely the vibe as a whole from this sampler.. my favorites are tracks 2,3 and 4! But really this sampler release has a nice Deep Tech House feel with nice dark deep groove! Love the little vocal chops in the tracks! Nice one guys! Full Support! Echofusion

Kirby - really lovin Speak to my soul from Maxxa & Take me from submantra !!! great tracks, Thanks will play & support !!!

Evren Ulusoy - Maxxa is my fav here.Thanks.

Krummstoff - 'Speak To My Soul' is sweet, danke!

Michael Fossati [S.o.H] - Gorgeous selection of contagious deep house tracks from producers to watch out for in the future...

Sabb [SK Supreme] - i like all trax except the first one will support.

Zeque - Lovely Package! my picks will be take me and speak to my soul.. deepness all the way down!

Sezer Uysal - Maxxa is the best track for me in the package. will play it live ! thanks !

LondonGround - .Submantra - Take Me for me!! Thankss!

Wesley S [Toolroom Rec] - SOLID STUFF... ON THIS!!!!!

Danilo D'Andrea - download ...please...thanks a lot Danilo D'Andrea

Dave Storm - I take "Take Me" :-)

Tim [HouseAfrica] - Thanks for the EP = Nice and Deep - Submantra best of the bunch for me - 4/5. Tim (House Afrika)

Alex [Musikanova] - brilliant ep! love moody & take me... good selection guys!

Mirko [Party Groove] - Maxxa for me! full support!

Sven Jacobsen - Awesome work, i love Take Me the most.

Martin Harmony - My picks are: Maxxa for the wicked deep choon and Submantra for the classy old-school deep house feel. Full support from In Deep

Dirty Culture - submantra - take me is wickeeeeed !!! already charted. 9/10 track. Also I like Speak To My Soul. tnx

Chriss Jaxx - Thx Amazing!

Igor [Ibiza Sonica] - just great. full support.

Bogdan Taran - there's good beakdown in Hamza's track, I like the groove of Maxxa's production as well, and Submantra is my fav here - absolutely pure underground house groove

Eva Pacifico [Ibiza Sonica Radio, Ibizarre Records] - I find the Hamza track funny, funky & eclectic with a stomping groove....the rest of trax is too housey for my taste, I dig more electronic stuff usually!

Dean Serafini (Jjazproject - as usual, all the tracks are on point and having an almost immediate impact. hope to manage a full review this week.

MR White - hamza - moody is the track for me !! thanks for keeping me in the loop. nice ep. mr.white

Bobi [Club fm] - Thanks for the promo, nicely produced Ep as always with lots of deep tech house,Full support as usual from me

Edmund - Submantra - Take me is the one for me on this EP.. Sounds DEEEEP.. !

Agent Matteo - Submantra - Take Me!!!!!!!!! oh yes!!

Dima Promo - Wow! Hamza - mooody is amazing track!!!

Data Urbana Argentina - This is House Culture

MR Cenzo (MidiDropMusic - The Valeria And Submantra tracks stood out for me the most here...

Soul Minority - Quality house as usual ! Thanks will play for sure ...

Amdjs - "Take Me" is the one to rock! Loco delivers again.

Miguel Garji - Great sound for my radio shows. Full support

Greg Fenton [M8 Mag] - great ep love Maxxa the most

Grant T Paterson [E.N.] - Brilliant House tune, I know I shouldn't really mention other labels and artists but this would be part of an unstoppable set sitting with Kaiserdisco and Ramon Tapia's stuff. Love it, thanks!

Andrea Speakdeep - Great pack as favourite is "take me"...Submantra give his deep touch on this track.Full Support!!!!!!!

Toccafondi Thomas - favorited track: take me. note : 8 / 10. feedback : such a great atmosphere there , darky & groovy i love it ! sound for bad boys ! thx for the promo guys !

Qmusse - Great EP! The Maxxa track is the one for me.

Baris [Dinamo Radio] - Solid package, my fave to be Hamza - Mooody, Thanx! (Barish Turker, Crobar BoraMusic HouseCast)

Luca Ricci - Thank you I'm downloading for Luca Ricci.

Sin Plomo - I like "Maxxa - Speak to my soul" a lot
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