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Old 01-21-2011, 01:45 PM
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Default Special Interview w/The Legendary Boyd Javis this Monday on the Soul Oasis Show - Jan

A new story entry has been added:

[drupal=392]Special Interview w/The Legendary Boyd Javis this Monday on the Soul Oasis Show - Jan 24,2011[/drupal]


Cyberjamz Internet Radio is proud to announce an upcoming interview by Sammy Rock aka Soul Oasis with the legendary Boyd Jarvis / CFX Records -
If time permits please join me this coming Monday Jan 24th,2011 from 8am - 2pm est,as we catch up with Boyd and what is going on in his world.We will discuss many topics and issues in referance to his upcoming releases,his inside-scoop on the scene and about how much he loves Cyberjamz Radio.
If any of you early Cyberjamz supporters recall when Boyd had a show entitled "NY Aftermidnite" back in circa 2006 - 2008,then you know that he know what is going on all over our music scene across the globe.
Boyd also allow us into the inside scoop on alot things that went on back in the days of the Garage and early days of The Shelter amoung many other topics to be discussed.This interview will not only be a few minutes long but I will try to get as much infomation for our fans and those that love music history.I will play a few of my favorite Boyd Jarivs produced tracks,original pieces and never heard before music that hopeuflly will be released.
A word from Boyd Jarvis "If you don't want to hear what I have to say which is the truth",and for those that know me,I do not hold my tongue as to what I believe in and or what I've experienced throughout my personal and music career".
"I hope you can join me as to what is to be a very nice interview with my boy Sammy Rock of Cyberjamz Radio".
House of Soul w/Sammy Rock & Dj Housecat every Monday from 9am-2pm est Purchase any Cyberjamz Record (Podcast)
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