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Old 04-21-2012, 04:39 PM
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Default Ultra Nate's-410 Paradox Underground pres. Chris Burns

listen/buy Chris Burns-410 Paradox Underground pres. Chris Burns HERE

Watch Video HERE

See Chris Burns Top 10 HERE

See Ultra Nate Top 10 HERE


written, mixed and produced by Chris Burns

Shake! ft. Ra.Free
written by Chris Burns, Ralph Freeman and Michelle Webb
Vocals and lyrics by Ralph Freeman
Drums and Keyboards: Chris Burns
Additional Keyboards: Michelle Webb
mixed and produced by Chris Burns

We Get Deep
written, mixed and produced by Chris Burns
Vocals: Kevin Lance Murray

I'm Free ft. Denise Henderson and Michelle Webb
written by Chris Burns, Denise Henderson and Michelle Webb
Drum Programming and Keyboards: Chris Burns
Vocals and Lyrics: Denise Henderson
Oud, Guitar and Kalimba: Michelle Webb
mixed and produced by Chris Burns
Additional Production: Justin Long

Hey Mick written, mixed and produced by Chris Burns
Vocals by Mick Coogan

All tracks mastered by Mike Kalajian at Telegraph Recording, Poughkeepsie, NY.

Album Art: Gavin Holland
Photo: Jane Briggs


It's been a pretty tough journey learning how to produce music these
past three years. This release is inspired by the experiences and
sounds that made me fall in love with dance music in the first place.
If I had never stepped foot in places like Club Shelter, Paradox,
Underground Soul Solution, I'd be on a much different life path.

I'm can't thank Ultra, Lisa and the Deep Sugar crew enough for their
support, patience and encouragement during the slow evolution of this
project. It was amazing working closely with Michelle, Denise and
Ralph on these tracks. I'm also indebted to my friends, fellow DJs and
nightclubs of Washington D.C. I feel lucky to live in such a great
city with awesome people who like to dance and party without a whole
lot of bullshit. Special thanks to my family, Star, Gavin Holland,
Mike Simonetti/IDIB, U Street Music Hall, Lost Society, Sam "the man"
Burns, Future Times Crew, Joe's Record Paradise, Mysteries of the
Mind, Nouveau Riche, STP, TDP, Deep Secrets and especially Lucas and
Dany for tolerating my noise at all hours.


Ultra Nate' adds..we're very excited to start this new label focused on quality underground house and feature Chris Burns as our first release. In many ways he represents the future of deep house. He respects and appreciates it's rich history while at the same time moving the genre forward. At the foundation that's what we want this label to be about.


dj spen / nice ep. especially like i'm free!

jazzie b - like this it reminds me of the old traxx stuff (adonis) . 8/10

children of house - very great release from this new label , 1000% full support , specialy " i'm free" this is my fav!!!!

distant people / legends walk dub is hot, we get deep brings the dirty funk as well, support from me.

yass / amazing one!!!

alan o - excited to hear ultra has started a new label, chris has certainly delivered on this debut release, included 'i'm free' onto this week's playlist !!

kense - had a listen to this... some really interesting ideas and a nice deep vibe throughout. i love the rawness of the vocal in 'legends', and 'i'm free' is a great example of how a beautiful, soulful vocal can work while maintaining the deepness of the track. some nice guitar work too!
i've never been to washington dc, but i get the feeling this is a fairly accurate representation of the deep house scene over there, and will do well to promote the scene and the label further afield.

souldynamic - nice package with old school-underground influences .. legends and shake are our favourite tracks.. we think these tracks will have a good impact on the floor support!

ricky morrison - lovin all the tracks, great great sound! my fave is legends the walk dub... also im free. proper quality underground house :-) looking forward to the next releases.

junior white - very good start for this new label....all tracks with great quality and good production.... 5/5 my fav: legends and i'm free....full support

alan powell - fantastic package!! t3 - shake..... killer kut with a firing groove... love it!!
i'm free - really nice, love the vocal deepness!!! "hey mick" has dancefloor burner written all over it. very tasty package, will support this on all radio shows!

groove assassin - shake dub is working for me!

booker t - like this good mixes legends for me

cesare boogeyman cera -'legends' is so crazy and i love it!! - and "i'm free" has got a touch of class!!

pablo martinez - killer package . loving this!

dj rork - "hey mick" feat. mick coogan works good for me!

parrish james - this is strong baby!

master kev - rockin!! great tracks from chris! shake! is my favorite of the pack. will def support!

romo aldo - brand new label from ultra nate, and sportin' chris burns, now that's cool! very cool!!

swift of djn project - shake dub and hey mick are dope, must play

marques wyatt - diggin this package, looking forward to great tracks on her new label.
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