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Old 02-11-2006, 10:31 PM
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Default Back to Paradise WMC 2006 Back to my Roots

Back to Paradise WMC 2006 Back to my Roots

DJ's and Club people. We all have one main thing in common. We want to be entertained musically and visually the same way that originally drove us to be part of this precious musical medium. For the most part this art has been lost or imitated poorly. Legendary D.J. Joey Madonia (Maestro Documentary) (DJ hall of fame) (US Pioneer DJ's at the DJ's Portal) has restored the art. That art which we so love, adore and hold precious. Especially when we travel a long way to get there. No longer will you have to suffer with frustration when you walk into a room.


WMC 2006 Back to Paradise / Back to my Roots party at Laundry Bar South Beach, last year was the launch of that which we all love, understand and have in common.

The result of DJ Joey Madonia's professional club sound, decorations lighting techniques and design coordinating efforts and Dorian Hernandez highly skilled promotional talent were paid off by the supper response every DJ would love to have at there party, resulting in the room being super responsive and packed all night. The crowd response was overwhelming to say the least. They felt me and I felt them.

The right intelligent people showed up for this event and have been buzzin about it all year since it ended in March 2005. This year 2006 when you thought it couldn't get any better,

(Look the fuck out) and don't snooze on this jammi. When I set up these parties, I do it for the People. After 7 days of preparation work, shopping, looking for the right products, coordinating, purchasing, designing, and then it takes around 15 hours of installing every thing with the ultimate care and order to achieve the ultimate New York 70's style party so you can sweat or clean up the dance floor with your body, if you know what I mean. Being a Club DJ for 35 years, you learn to feel the vibe coming from everyone in the room. There are 4 basic vibes out there when you're playin. We'll start off with the positive ones then work our way down to negatives.

Vibe 1. The people that show up at the party that say "Let me feel the love and make me sweat, we love what you're doing". (#1BEST VIBE)

Vibe 2. The people that show up and stand in front of the console and stair at you for a few reasons.

a. They are amazed at what you are playing and doing to the music. (GOOD)

b. They thought they knew something and now see what they don't. (Gotta get over it and learn)

Vibe 3. Then there are the ones that have this huge chip on there shoulder. They either get humbled real quick and relax or stay miserable. But that's the fun of the party. Even the bullshit is entertaining. Being from Brooklyn, New York I wouldn't have it any other way. I know who the real people are by the way they act.

Be real and join the positive People, you'll love the party and understand it better then you will ever know.

Last year I held back a little, not this year, this year I go for the throat. More classic sound and lights the way we used to know lights, and operated by a real light man. Kenny Carpenter & Joey Madonia

White Outs and Black Outs honey, all night long, and on Que. THANK YOU, TO ALL WHO HAVE CONTRIBUTED TO THE LAST PARTY AND TO THOSE WHO ARE CONTRIBUTING TO THE 2006 EVENT. Especially Sammy Rock of (the real-deal person)

Come join Host - Dorian Hernandez, DJ's Joey Madonia, Kenny Carpenter & David Solero for the time of your life. As DJ David Harness put it "Will be there to climb the walls"

Good peoples Entertainment & Custom Made Systems Inc.
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