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Well, I'm not going back to the old version. The new version is much better and has a lot of new features. The chat program itself wasn't the problem; it was the socket server that came with it. It was poorly and quickly written so as to take the massive load that the html version puts the server through. In html mode, the chat program overloads the CPU cycles on the server and that is dangerous in that VERY important services such as the various media servers and web server might crash.

I have to manage the resources evenly on the machine so that no one service puts the others in a risk of a crash. The socket server, once they get it to work properly, is the answer to overloading the CPU.

For the meantime, I have disabled the socket server and am running the flashchat program back on html mode. However, I have put a few restrictions so as to alleviate the load on the server; they are the following:

1. Client connections are limited to 30
2. Logins per IP are limited to 1
3. Refresh times are increased to 4 seconds and I might go to 5 (default is 3).

In socket server mode, the server can logically handle hundreds of connections and the refresh times are only 1 second or less.

So look for the return of the socket server when they release a new version of it.

Originally Posted by nico moss
My opinion is that you have to downgrade it and we go back to the previews chat room the old one cause this version is giving everybody away too much troubles

Whats the use of new stuff when no one can use it correct
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