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Playlist for Soul Oasis Show 3/10/06 (Direct Link to Show) (Link to ALL Archived Cyberjamz Shows)

Opening Track
War Dance(Kebekelektrick)/Salsoul

1)Heaven(Kem-Scott Wozniak Mix)
2)Dub Alone(Soul System)/Test Cdr
3)For your love(Casamena)/cdr
Who done it/accapella)/White
4)Happy(Roland Clark)
5)Ebs of Asia/Children of Asia Mix(Light 4 Lines)
Spirit of House/accapella(Bongoloverz feat.An-tonic)/Soulfuric Trax WMC Sampler
6)Runaway Love Pt.2/D Ambrosio Classic Mix(Bobby D'Ambrosio feat.Lasala)cdr/Soulfuric Records/WMC Sampler(Part 1&2)
7)Spirit of House/Drum Tool Mix)/Soulfuric Trax WMC Sampler
8)Jazz,Jazz,Jazz(Pound Boys feat.Earl Bennett)/Bassline Records
All Gods Children Got Rhythem/Spoken-a-pella(Christian Hronbostel feat.Keith Thompson)/Soulfruic Deep WMC Sampler
9)The right way(Jon Milsom feat.Vicky Vee/Anto Vitale Mix)/Test Loven Records*Release date:soon
11)Make it happen(Connie Harvey)/Bassline Records
12)Toms Diner(Suzanne Vega/Soul Oasis Rmx)/cdr
13)Du'bai(Filsonik/Soul Oasis X-Tended Mix)/Spacekat
14)Fly Into the Future(Soul Oasis)/cdr
15)Dont keep me waiting(Tia Monae)/First Take Records
Life is something Special/Accapella(NYC Peach Boys)/Island Recs.
16)Sun(Dazzle Drums)/King Street.
17)Open Seasame(Kool n the Gang/JMJ Edit)/cdr Delite Rec
18)W.A.Y.F(The Police/Mr.Cubanix Rmx)/Test Cdr
19)Spirit of House/Piano Mix(Bongoloverz feat.An-Tonic)/Soulfuric Trax WMC Sampler
20)Something Right(Chuck Love)/cdr
21)Whatever,Whatever(Jill Scott/Scott Wozniak Mix)/cdr
22)All gods children/Swing Street Mix(Christan Hornbostel feat.Keith Thompson)/Soulfuric Deep WMC Sampler
23)Higher Love(M-Sol)/unreleased cdr
24)Piece of heaven(Romain Mix)/unreleased cdr
25)Faith,Friendship(Lars Behrenroth Rmx)/Paradox Rec.
25)Clouds(Soul Oasis Beat Mix)
26)Lover turn me on(Kasif)/Arista Records
27)Can this be real/Salsa House Vocal Mix(Beezwax feat.Tyrah)/Flatline Records.
28)Que Viva La Musica(Ray Barretto+Tito Puente Live) From the Tommorrow LP/Atlantic Records
29)Suavemente(Elvis Crespo)/Sony Records
30)Take me Higher/Drum n Bass Mix(Fertile Ground)
31)Gravity(Wil Milton)/King Street.
32)Deep Philly(Aakmael)

Closing Track
33)Moodys Mood(George Benson)/Warner Bros.

Thank you for the love n support!
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