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Mark Mendoza presents "The Phuture Sole Session" (CyberJamz March 9, 2009 show) (Link to archive is server is not busy)

Hour 1 - Mark Mendoza

01. Pee-Wee's Dance - Joeski Love
02. Whole Lotta Love - Led Zeppelin
03. Home To You (DOMU Remix) - Tortured Soul
04. For Your Love (Original Mix) - Jose Burgos feat. Kenny Bobien
05. MissingThatBrandNewFeeling(TOT Mashup)- The Stones vs Sting vs Karizma
06. Don't Let Me Leave Alone (Abicah Soul Dub) -> "upcoming on Phuture Sole"
07. Don't Let Me Leave Alone (Tea Party Vocal) -> "upcoming on Phuture Sole"
08. Believe (Vocal Mix) - Brooklyn Knightz feat. TempleDynasty
09. Symphonic Soul - Jose Gonzalez (Fresh Sol Music)
10. Me, Myself & I (Main Vox) - Franck Roger & Olivier Portal feat. Chris Wonder
11. Take A Stand (GHP Double G Dub) - Grand High Priest & Gerideau
12. Tessio (Stimming Remix) - Luomo
13. When Will There Be (Anto Vitale Shabu Music Vocal) - Dj Pope ft. Sheila Ford
14. That Night on 17 - Soul Oasis pres. The Groove Victim
15. It's In The Rhythm (A Larry Levan Mix) - NYC Peech Boys
16. Yassoul (Beat) - Back To Fundamentals by Yass and AbicahSoul
17. Smalltown Boy - Bronski Beat
18. Yassoul (Beat) - Back To Fundamentals by Yass and AbicahSoul
19. Lady - The Whispers

Hour 2 - Carl Dupree

20. "A whole lotta goodies"

Hour 3 - OneMasterMixer aka Les Calloway

21. "A whole lotta more goodies"
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