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The Cyberjamz Radio Autumn Slam Music Series at Cyberjamz Internet Radio is rockin hard with Special guest DJ Czezre!!
This fantastic set and show airs at the Headquarterz Thursday Nov.19,2015 from 10am - 12pm est

DJ Czezre was born and raised in the city of Newark. His love for music started at the young age of 5. He picked up his first instrument and began to teach himself note by note on guitar. He began to start reading music at the age of 9 and playing the trumpet in middle school with Eugene and Gene Phipps.

His love for becoming a DJ started when he was in middle school in 1980 with DJ Sahib Muhammad.

He carried on with his unique musical talent to Arts High School in Newark where his talents were enhanced even more by his music teachers Mr. Otis Brown and Bill Phipps. He was introduced to a mobile group G.O.L.D. Productions where he had met DJ Hulio, DJ
Paul Scott and DJ Deluxe. They immediately took him under their wing and mentored him in the art of counting beats, and other
turntable talents.

As he took off as a mobile DJ he later then met DJ Andrew Hogan where the two of them stuck together and played many gigs together for
fashions show, and DJ at the famous club Zanzibar. He was then introduced to DJ Mark Thompson at Club Sensations in Newark where he became a resident DJfor three years. He then continued to play around many other popular places, including the Area in NY,
Club Khayyam, Club America, and the Peppermint Lounge in NJ.

He continues to DJ and keep the passion for his music alive while also producing songs for various artists
such as "Kym Still" and even working on music for LaVeda Davis, Tanja Dixon, and Sabrina
Chyld in the UK, and many more.

He continues to stay active in his first love of house music with being the official DJ for 'That Kid Clothing Line' while being the DJ for all of their venues nation wide. He is making many podcasts, soundclouds and live online broadcasts with many different online sites, and radio stations such as Chill Lover Radio and Plum Radio with several guest spots at Club 6 in Newark.

Look out for more club music and new productions with various artist due out by the summer.

Keep up with me on Twitter, Facebook, and SoundCloud!
@djczezre czezre.adams
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