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Link to Podcast Mix

This wonderful set aired during our Autumn Slam Music Series with Dj CoolSunnyT.We hope you enjoy this set as much as we did.


*no set list at this time

CoolSunnyT Bio

As an emerging DJ, CoolSunnyT who is also often called, ?Moni the DJ?, makes no attempt to hide her love for music. Her musical ear takes in all that is good, new and true under the vast umbrella of smooth jazz, quiet storm, deep and soulful house music. Since her youth, CoolSunnyT has been encouraged to DJ given her natural ability to program blends; she also has a Masters and Bachelor?s degree; one of which is in Mass Communication ? so the art & science of producing and mixing is very much part of her make up. Being heavily influenced by artists as wide and varied as Paul Hardcastle, Hiroshima, Sherry Winston, Regina Carter, Jean-Luc Ponty, The Isley Brothers, Four Play, Phyllis Hyman, Euge Groove, Louie Vega, Kerri Chandler & Jovonn, has led to a very eclectic and unique mixing style employed in each and every one of CoolSunnyT?s mixes, ensuring that each cut is a pure & melodic musical cruise through genres, emotions and moods. After much prodding from family and friends, she has FINALLY taken the plunge and is now officially DJing! You can experience the musical journey of her mix sessions on:

*Also come join her in thought provoking discussions surrounding music and share information on her blog:
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