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The success of our Summer Slam Music Series 2015 has prompted us to keep this series going until the end of October 2015 and beyond.We have now changed with the season to our Autumn Music Slam Series 2015.

We hope you continue to support our guest dj?s and shows offered not only for this series but all of our original shows and line-up of excellent music programmers here at our site.I would like to thank everyone that has been involved and participated thus far in this series.So far we have featured some fantastic music programmers from all over the country and will continue to play them as long as deejay?s submit their mixes.

If you are interested in having Cyberjamz Internet Radio air your mix please email a 2 hour set,a short bio and Dj picture to . A playlist attached to the sets would be gladly appreciated as we feature the mixes and info at our Cyber-Podcast Page ? .The Autumn Slam Music Series air every Thursday from 10am to 12pm est USA time.

Music Programmers featured so far and PodCasted (link provided for easy download)

Jeff Glick of Henry St. Records -

Dj Panther 72 - Cyberjamz/Toupee Records -

Dj Sweet -

Dj Soul Man -\

Abe Ab7 -

Dj Lil Ray ? NYC -

Dj Renay -

Donna Edwards -

Alfredo ?BugnHard? Acosta -

Dj Bones -

Lenny Penciel ? NYC/Atlanta -

Next on Deck:

Dj CItyKid ? Oct 08,2015

Dj Zion ? Oct 15,2015

Cool Sunny TM Mix Show - Oct 22,2015

CLOSING our Music Series:
Jeff Glick of Henry St Records

We hope to do this again next year God Willing ! -
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