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Cyberjamz Radio continues to serve our music community in this 12yr of bringing the best programmers to the table.This particular Dj doen't need any introduction as he has been in this music business for quite a time. Dj CityKid has been in the forefront of our musical culture and is about to deliver a fantastic set for our Summer Slam Music Series Thursday October 08,2015 from 10am - 12pm est.

We hope you can tune in and support our efforts.
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Bio and info:

Born 1968 in Washington DC, making my way to Vauxhall NJ, I was introduced to a DJ by the name of George Potter (aka Iron Balls) by my cousin Eric who helped me create my first mix with two turn tables at the age of 13. Years later I met Mark Thompson by way of George Potter. He helped me polish up my skills on blending and taught me how to use a reel to reel. Other mentors to me are Vernon Roberts, Phase III Disco aka DJ Butch, and Larry Morman. It was when I went to my first night club New Experience and listened to Mark Thompson mix with 3 turntables and a reel to reel and said this will be me someday.

Dj CityKid
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