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Special ThumpDay Edition of The House of Soul w/ Sammy Rock in the Mix
This show airs every Monday from 9am - 2pm est -
Stream or download podcast

1)2,000 Miles away from your Love - Soul Oasis feat. Missy Kat - Soul-Cat Original Mix - coming soon to Cyberjamz Records - Track Pick

2)Meisha Moore - Kiss You All Over (Dany Cohiba Remix) - AudioBrite Promo - Track Pick

3)House is a Feeling - DJEV - coming soon to The Unity House E.P - coming soon to Cyberjamz Records - Track Pick

4)Soul De Marin - Your Underground (Original_Mix) - Promo

5)Give it up - Alton Miller - Dj Romain Flipped Out Mix - Mixed Signals Promo - Track Pick

6)Groove with you - Doc Link - MGD - Track Pick

7)Lift me up - MK feat. Claire Rivers - Ultra Records - vinyl mix

8)Baby i'm scared of u (Master Kev & Tony Loreto MKTL Rmx)

9)Eddie Murphy Delirious - Soul Oasis Beat down Mix

10)Oshun The Goddess Of Love - BNY Remix - Mona Bode - Promo Track Pick

11)Sisco Umlambo Ft Zano & Keys Snow - Hush_Hush - (D-Malice_Remix) - Muti-Racial Records Promo Track Pick

12)Blue Skies(Electro-Lounge H) - Promo

13)unknown at this time

14)Remember Me - Mushroom Jazz - Original Vinyl Mix - Blue Boy Records - circa 1997

15)Jam on the Groove - Ralph McDonald - SouL Oasis Loop n Ride Edit Mix
My own Story - Littie Dalt - accapella - promo

15)Speaker Gurl Drums - DJEV - coming soon to The Unity House E.P - coming soon to Cyberjamz Records - Track Pick

17)We the People - The Soul Searchers - Soul Oasis Loop n Ride Classic Edit Mix

18)Freeman - South Shore Commission - Dj Punch Remix

19)Gettin Grown - Cee Lo(P72's Ball Of Yarn) Panther72 Remix

20)Sisco Umlambo Ft Zano & Keys Snow - Hush Hush - (Uhru Remix) - Muti-Racial Records Promo Track Pick

21)My Greatest Inspiration in Vienna - Soul Oasis vs. Teddy P vs. Timmy Registford - A Soul Oasis Re-Hash Mix


23)Bad Habit - ATFC - Ziggy Funk

24)Picking up Promises - Jocelyn Brown - Easy St Records - original vinyl mix

25)Thrill Me - Simply Red - Masters at Work - Chuggs Edit Mix

26)Alright - Hotweelkee Remix

27)Word of God - McCoy - Bumpin City Records - original vinyl mix

28)Much More - Piranahead Remix - Whasdat Music

29)Manchildblack - She Speaks (Libation Mix) out now Global Soul Recordings - Track Pick

Closing Track:

30)Made to Love - John Legend
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