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Default Rasmir Mantree "Night Dreams" on Mantree Records

Night Dreams
Night Dreams - A Musical Journey N2 The Nocturnal World of Mystical Nymphs & The Brighter Side of Darkness. Taking U Back 2 a Place You've Never Been Before, That Only Existed N Your Dreams. Whether Your Dreams are Sweet, Bad, Vivid or Wet U Will Rediscover Yourself Through Your Night Dreams. Let the Music Take U 2 Places that U Can Only Reach After The Sun Goes Down N Your, 'Night Dreams'.

Produced & Mixed by Rasmir Mantree
Additional Remix by Tia Branch
Cover by Rasmir Mantree

Feedback on Night Dreams
?I like the wet mix best? Has good energy, reminds me of a track the youngsters would want to hear to showcase their skills!?
Donna Edwards
?Rasmir that (Bad Dreams mix) had the dance floor in a Frenzy. Hot!!!?
Deejay Drey of the Beat Brothers, ?Humble Beginnings?
I like all the mixes but, I?m loving the Wet Mix. Played it last night on Cyberjamz, They loved it.
Chris Perry
Nice bro! Digging it! Hot break beats & funky grooves!
Like all mixes. Lou Alveraz
To Listen & or Buy, Click on Link

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