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Here a nice set I hope you enjoy w/ SammyRock aka Soul Oasis of The House of Soul which aried LIVE at Cyberjamz Radio March 02,2015.

Link to you tube Mix:


1)When - JVeda ft Ursula Rucker - downtempo mix - Soul Oasis Ride the Beat Edit


3)unknown at this time

4)Humanity - RescuePoetix - Dj Buzzard Rethrought coming soon to Cyberjamz

5)Lush Heat - Just Happend (Naked Music Remix)

6)Jus Like Music - OscarP -

7)Andy Compton - African King - Promo

8)unknown at this time

9)Paul McCartney - What's That You're Doing ft Stevie Wonder (Pako Di Rocco & Roby Maas Remix)

10)Grace of God - The S.O.S Project - DjPunch Remix

11)Heaven - Walter Christopher - Dave Lalla's 98.7 KISS Club Classic Mix -

12)Dance - Bebe Winans & Clark Sisters - Louie Vega remix - Soul Oasis loop n ride edit

13)Happy - Ronald Overby(DjRonnieRon) Remix

14)Move - Kevin Foushee - out now Toupee -

15)Only love-Boddhi-Satva-Mix -Chappell 2 - Promo

16)Jefferson Airplane - White Rabbit (umami Edit) - Soul Oasis Ride the 60's Klassic

17)Pleasure Pump ?? Fantasize Me - Soul Oasis Klassic Intro loop n ride w/Jus Deep - Seductive Sapphire - accapella

18)Supreme - I Can't Breathe (Pako Di Rocco & Roby Maas Remix)

19)Obtenir 'a Faible get low_Pure Elevation - coming soon to Toupee Records

20)Connected Minds - Weyza Dya - Dj Buzzard Rethought - Soul Oasis loop n ride edit -

21)Niko M & DaSouL Ft Mary R - I can't get no sleep - promo

22)You got when I need - Al Green - Dj Punch Remix

23)What comes around ,goes around - Loleatta Holloway - DjPunch 2015 Remix

24)Heaven - Walter Christopher - Jihad Muhammad Remix -

25)Paul Solaris Ft. Mpeelo-Bring Light [Radio Edit] - Promo

Closing Track:

26)Tap - Dj General Slam feat RescuePoetix -
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