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echo bravo
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Default playlist for oct 18th:

playlist for wed 10-18:

westchester lady - bob james
stomp and buck dance - the crusaders
it's a shame - the spinners
if you don't watch out - the stylistics
armed & extremely dangerous (ian carey main acapella) - first choice
smarty pants (redsoul disco edit) - first choice
calypso blues (as one remix) - jack costanzo
melt in you (vocal) - jihad muhammad feat. carolyn victorian
in time (b-soul it's time now vocal) - dj pope feat. ed ramsey

choose to believe (featuring sky) - alton miller
rise (soul dhamma dub) - joillet
that night (vikter duplaix remix) - jazzanova
down in suburbia - the turtles
baby (uptown safari jazz mix by yam who?) - bebel gilberto
detroit jump - john crockett
can you hear me - julius papp
the light you will see (ronnie ron edit) - the rhythm slaves
suavecito - malo
tomorrow (better you, better me) - quincy jones
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