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soul oasis, I will say this. we need to educate our kids on how to deal with the law ( and wanna be law) . I remember a situation one time when I was in college and these police rolled by us. me and my pals were walking to a party in the neighborhood. the police claimed we fit the description of some guys that were in the neighborhood trying break into people's homes. me and another guy handled it well and told the police that we were sorry about what was going on but we were not the guys in question. we were on our way to a college party. however one of my friends started getting mad at the police for even insinuating that we fit the description. I believe if we as people talk to law enforcement calmly when approached by them and then later on lodging a complaint about them with their superiors we would be a little more successful with stamping out this kind of mentality Zimmerman had.

best believe Zimmerman will have his day when he goes to apply for employment. he may have beat the case but he has not beat society
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