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Playlist for Soul Oasis Show 4/7/06 w/guest Santi Jiminez of

Dj Santi is the first 1hr and 20min

Soul Oasis Playlist:

1)Sweet Mess(Soul System)/Unreleased Test Cdr
2)The way love Me(The Muthafunkas feat.Mark Evens)/Defected
3)Love is Life(Romain)/Unreleased Test Cdr
4)Schmoov(The Enigma/The Puzzle Project)/Easrgasmic Recordings
How many Tears/accapella(Rare Accapellas Vol#1/West Side Records
5)All I want/Thunderstorm Mix(Dj Flame)/Unreleased Test CDR
6)Musique De Ve(Soul Project/Abricah Soul)/Eargasmic Recordsings
7)The Beats(Shadow Kings)/Utopia Boston
8)Horror in Sudan(Charles Matlock)/Still Music
9)????(Paul G WMC Sampler)/CDR
Im not the same/accapella(Rare Accapellas Vol#1)
How many Tears/accapella(Rare Accapellas Vol#1)
10)He Is(Copywrite feat. Song Williamson/Dennis F/Jerome S Rmx)
11)Gates of Heaven(Tamashi)/CDR
12) I Believe(Sunshine Jones (formerly of Dubtribe Sound System)/King Street WMC Sampler
13)Inspirational Beats(Universal Principles)/Soma Records
14) I'll Be Right There(Brotherhood of Soul)/Strickly Rhythem
15)Inspirational Beats(Universal Principles)/Soma Records
16)Slam Jam(Tech Nine)/Strickly Rhythem
17)No Exit(Rufus)/Test CDR-----HOT!
18)Take it Easy(Soul Seekers)/WMC Sampler
19)La Cura(Timmy Richardson)/CDR
20)Shoot me/B Side(Tasha Thomas)/Atlantic/Atco

Thank you for ALL your love n support of for NYC Event Infomation **Check out the Cyberjamz Presents: Every Weds from 8-9pm est,with encores every Sat.5pm-6pm and Monday 6am-7am est**
House of Soul w/Sammy Rock & Dj Housecat every Monday from 9am-2pm est Purchase any Cyberjamz Record (Podcast) Mp3 & Wav Files avail for Cyberjamz Records.
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