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Thumbs up Re-vising Danceforever Series and hot classic set by The Groove Victim circa 2003-200

Im was going through some mixes of which were posted on my first site (no longer on-line) circa 2003- 2005.This nice set was sent to me by Cyberjamz Records producer The Groove Victim and let me tell you this set is bangin !! No playlist avai for this time-less set.Enjoy !
Pick up tracks by The Groove Victim out now Cyberjamz Records.

The Wandering E.P

Night Patterns - South Bay =1

Cyberjamz Compilation Vol#3

Foul Pitch =1

The Deep Dance feat Princess Tam Tam (R.I.P) - GVA unreleased Mixes =2

Foul Tracks E.P - Jersey Bound Vol#2

The Nothing E.P =2

3 Ways To Lose My Love (The Unreleased Mixes) - Wincie =3

Foul Tracks E.P (Memoirs From The Bay) 3
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