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Soul Arab ? Mild Karma EP

Another banging deep house tech E.P featuring various artist and producers which include pieces by Soul Arab,IndySoul,Luka,Caveman,Gene King and The Glum Gnomes.This is one of those releases that you just can't get enough of listening or dancing to it.Everything from afro-tech or deep house is offered in this package.


Soul Arab - Mild Karma (Original Mix)
Soul Arab - Lecture This (Original Mix)
Soul Arab - Mild Karma (Luka Re-dub)
Soul Arab - The Glum Gnomes (Original Mix)
Soul - Drifting In Time (Deeper- Level Rub )
IndySoul - Drifting In Time (Together Main Mix )
IndySoul - Drifting In Time (Singularity Mix)
IndySoul - Drifting In Time (Gene King Remix)
IndySoul - Drifting In Time Part 2 (Caveman Remix)
IndySoul - Drifting In Time Part 2 (Gene King Stripped Remix)

Can't pick a favorite out of this package for all the releases are on point !
8 out of 10

Review by Sammy Rock - Cyberjamz Radio.

Kiss You All Over
Meisha Moore
AudioBite Soulful

out now -->

I reviewed the Luke Dave Remix of this release last week out on ADE Recordings.This time around we take a listen to the complete package offering some very nice mixes by Dany Cohiba, Valentino Guerriero,Luke Dave,Albini & Muratore and a lovely downtempo remix by Blackjean.Meisha Moore lends her sensual voice to this release making it very sexy like fine wine.

My favs out of this release are the Danny Cohiba Mix and the wonderful downtempo remix by Blackjean.

7 of 10 on all the mixes.

Review by Sammy Rock - Cyberjamz Radio.
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