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Cyberjamz Radio presents: The Soul Oasis Show w/Sammy Rock Feb 19,2019. Don?t know what I was on this day but somehow the music and vibe came all together. I had a lot of fun playing this set.

stream it or download it today ! -

Intro: Never Tempt Me (Magic Accapella)

1. Smooth Blend ? Always Luv U (Soul Oasis Remix)

2. Talk Dirty -Tank ? MRDMAX (Damond Ramsey White Label Remix) coming soon

3. Love is the Only Way ? (T-Kolai?s Andalu Edit) (Soul Oasis loop n ride) ? Larry P. Rauson

4. Roll back Vinyl: What you want ? Rod Hatcher

5. Be Yourself ? Josh Milan (Manoo Remix)

6. Roll back Music and Vinyl: Never Tempt Me ? Infiniti Feat.: Juan Atkins (Soul Oasis Ride the Mix)

7. K:lussive: BUSI MHLONGO ? GOAT SONG (DASH REMIX) David Shell coming soon

8. K:lussive: LIKE A..Gran Groove (REMIX)

9. Track Pick: All On You ? Cee ElAssaad & Jackie Queens (Mark Francis And Crue Paris Remix) Doug Gomez

10.X:Klussive: DISCOVERY EDGE UP 2 ? DASH - David Shell coming soon

11.Roll back Music ? Underlove-Melba Moore

12.Roll back Jam and Vinyl: Bang-Bang You?re Mine (Rock Me Gently Mix)


14.X:Klussive JAM CONGO THROW ? DASH David Shell coming soon to deeperSIDE of Cyberjamz

15.Roll back Vinyl & Ride: You?ll Never Know ? Jahkey B Feat Eleanor Mills

16.Jam ? Ronny Hammond & The Jazz Circus Collective ? Jazz Club Jump Around

17.unknown at this time

18.Track Pick: Something in my Heart ? Calvin Sol Remix ?

19.X:Klussive ? WildFlower Roxy ? The O?Jay?s (Afro Remix)

20.The Re-Birth of Soul ? Soul Oasis Nexxus

21.Never forget /When you Touch Me ? Tayo Wink Brujeria Soul Remix ?
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