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The Cyberjamz Radio Fall Music Series with K?K Alexi Shelby ? K Klassic Mix Special guest Mix was off the hook

We will be featuring more of K?Alexi Shelby soon !
stream or download K Klassic Cast here ?


1. K No Pop I=Kid Creole & The Coconuts (K?Alexi reWork)
2. Can?t Belive =Nancy Martinez (K?Alexi reWork)
3. I Love Music= The O? Jay?s (K?Alexi reWork)
4. Do Me= Teddy Pendergrass (K?Alexi reWork)
5. Star Wars Team=MeCo/Canyina Band (K?Alexi reWork)
6. Fall In 2 A Trance= Jimmy Ross(K?Alexi reWork)
7. I Luv Piano= Claudio Simonetti (K?Alexi reWork)
8. Dancer= Gino Soccio (K?Alexi reWork)
9. Enjoy K?s Silence= Depeche Mode(K?Alexi reWork)
10. Chase = Giorgio Moroder (K?Alexi reWork)
11. K Beat= Mr. K? Alexi Shelby
12. U Can?t Stop Chicago House (K?Alexi reWork)
13. It?s U=Ricky Dillard (K?Alexi reWork)
14. Fix It Man =Ragtyme (K?Alexi reWork)
15. Thats The Way Luv Go?s=Ten City (K?Alexi reWork)
16. Watch Them Come= Roy Davis Jr. Feat. Peven Evertt
17. If U Ready= Veron Ray (K?Alexi reWork)
18. Not Tonight=Maurice Joshua (K?Alexi reWork)
19. Put = Peven Evertt(Quinten ReMix)(K?Alexi reWork)
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