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Default "Good Morning Love" Coming Jine 23 On Sound Of Ali


The uniqueness of SOA musical signature is the voice of moments in love and relationships that makes your body and mind groove. The Summer 2015 release of ?Good Morning Love? by Sean Ali & MunkJulious, featuring Rona Ray, continues the musical eminence of love notably portrayed by SOA taking the music industry and world of House music to epic heights. A soulful taste of Jazz, Afro, and Latin rhythms highlights the vocalist style of Rona Ray, establishing her as an distinguished member of the SOA family.

Rona Ray, was born in Kaliningrad, Russia were her mother, a jazz pianist assisted in birthing her musical talents and passion for music. These early lessons and inspirations enhanced her gifts as an award winning artist for in "Singer Songwriter's" category for 1st place in "Studencheskaya Vesna." As her international appeal began to flourish alongside the 'Kaliningrad Jazz Band,' Ray toured European countries including Poland, Sweden, Denmark, Latvia, Belarus, and the Sea Jazz Festival in Klaipeda, Lithuania. Since her first single released in 2010, Ray's multi-talented and diverse song writing and vocalist styles have been continually featured in collaborations with producers not only in Europe but in the US and South Africa.

Once again the ear-grabbing, eye dazzling artist collaboration of SOA is heading for the top of the charts with Rona Ray, Sean Ali & MunkJulious ?Good Morning Love.? Summer 2015 will prove to be the hottest ever ? leaving you singing ?today will be better than yesterday?get it together? from the sunrise to sunset of your day.

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