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This set here was fun to do on Oct 02,2017 which was a 4+hr set.I hope you enjoy part one as much as we all did when it aired.

stream or download SoulCAST here

The Soulist (part one)

1) I cant? help it ? MJ (Tashan Venicini Edit)

2)Connected Minds ? Weysa Dya ? Soul Oasis Edit

3)Anger ? Josh Milan (Tayo Wink Bruja Remix) Original here

3)Ease your Mind -Alton Miller (Soul Oasis Ride)

4)Sun Dance-Derrick DLow Singfield (Promo)

5)Just Deep ? Sheila Johnson Sapphire (Tayo Wink Bruja Soul Remix)coming soon Cyberjamz Recs.


7)Kiss Kiss ? Ananda Project (Tayo Wink Bruja Soul Remix) originals

8)MPC People ? Hold On (vinyl mix)

9)I?ll be the One ? Rony Breaker feat Nat Moir ?

10)Light years Away ? Warp 9 (Soul Oasis Klassic Dub Edit)

11)One More Show thats Light yrs Away ? C-Bank vs. Warp 9 (A Soul Oasis Nexxus)

12)Get Tough ? Kleer (JSki Edit) Jay Negron

13)Whats in a Blush (Soul Oasis vs.Jski) - Jay Negron Loop n Ride coming soon to Toupee Recs.

14)Lavender Smoke ? .Vanessa L. Smith (Black Knight Remix)

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