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techy 01-11-2006 10:47 AM

The new chat room...
Please bear with us while we work on perfecting this new system. At present, there are a few bugs that I'm trying to get the support community over at the Tufat site to help me out with. Seems they just released this version of FlashChat and there are many issues to date.

They have abandoned version 4 because they are working on version 5 which will be out in April. So until that time, the bug fixes will be scarce. This however does not prevent us form creating workarounds to solve some of the problems.

Bug 1

Many of you cannot seem to get into the chat room and are probably seeing a "connection to socket server failed."

Workaround: Make sure you can receive port 9090 in your firewall configuration. If you're behind a corporate firewall, this port is probably blocked and there is really not much you can to about that but complain to your IT department to open that port for you. However, I will be attempting to move the chat to it's own IP and onto port 80 so all users, including firewall users, can login. These changes will come in the next few days.

Bug 2

Users see a blank screen after logging in.

Workaround: please hit [CTRL] + [F5] to force a refresh of the session, cookies and browser cache. This usually lets you in but might not if the session table on the server got locked up. In that case I will shut the server down, unlock the table and restart the chat. Of course, this is contingent upon someone notifying me if I'm not online at the moment.

Bug 3

Picture you uploaded in the 'effects' section doesn't show up on your PM's

Workaround: clear your browser cache, delete your cookies, and finally delete your flashplayer cache files located in /application data/ and /local settings/ in your /Document and Settings/ folder under YOUR username. Once all these are cleared you should be able to relogin and upload and see your images in your 'effects' section and in your PM's to other chatters.

Bug 4

I see a "user already logged in" message at the login screen!

Workaround: just hit the refresh button at the login screen and the message should go away. You can also just login normally but the first method will clear everything up.

Bug 5

My PM's are going to the wrong person

Workaround: Both of you will have to log off and then log back in. The chatroom tracker has lost track of 1 or both of you. Logging back in will refresh the session ID's and allow you to share PM's.

Please reply with more bugs you encounter so we can create workarounds...



Ian Friday 01-11-2006 03:21 PM

chat room login
trying to get onto the chatroom but am unable. What's the mac commands to get on if they are different from pc commands. Thanks

techy 01-11-2006 05:43 PM

I believe just a refresh will get you going in the MAC's. But I pretty much connected everything but can't get a few features to work properly.

Expect the chat server to be down every now and then until I get these issues solved. Real sorry but can't let it stay the way it is, it would max out the media servers and we'd get people getting kicked out of the audio streams.

Hopefully I'll have this sorted out within the next few days. :D

techy 01-13-2006 07:07 PM

Okay, I found a nice page that will guide you through most of your problems:

Most common errors at user PC's

techy 01-13-2006 07:09 PM

Solution for the logout errors! Disable your popup blockers on 'cyberjamz' and let the "logging out of chat" window log you out properly so if you have to get back in, it will issue you a new session instead of trying to connect to the old one.

chris conrad 01-14-2006 06:39 PM

how come it shows 'undefined' on both sides of someone's name when responses pop up? also, where are the options like font color etc?

chris conrad 01-14-2006 07:14 PM

im logged intot he room and im not even in it! i have no document snad settings folder...delted all cookies...still cant get backin...and when iw as in i could not type any responses or text!

nico moss 01-22-2006 10:23 AM

My opinion is that you have to downgrade it and we go back to the previews chat room the old one cause this version is giving everybody away too much troubles

Whats the use of new stuff when no one can use it correct

DJ5AM 01-28-2006 07:43 PM

Cyberjamz is stepping it's game up.... Big ups...
I've been down with CJ since day one.. and it's good to see forward progress... Sammy and the crew keep doing ya'll thang. I've been out of the net for a min. but I'll be back shortly, Sammy still looking for that new slot...


techy 01-29-2006 02:35 PM

Well, I'm not going back to the old version. The new version is much better and has a lot of new features. The chat program itself wasn't the problem; it was the socket server that came with it. It was poorly and quickly written so as to take the massive load that the html version puts the server through. In html mode, the chat program overloads the CPU cycles on the server and that is dangerous in that VERY important services such as the various media servers and web server might crash.

I have to manage the resources evenly on the machine so that no one service puts the others in a risk of a crash. The socket server, once they get it to work properly, is the answer to overloading the CPU.

For the meantime, I have disabled the socket server and am running the flashchat program back on html mode. However, I have put a few restrictions so as to alleviate the load on the server; they are the following:

1. Client connections are limited to 30
2. Logins per IP are limited to 1
3. Refresh times are increased to 4 seconds and I might go to 5 (default is 3).

In socket server mode, the server can logically handle hundreds of connections and the refresh times are only 1 second or less.

So look for the return of the socket server when they release a new version of it.


Originally Posted by nico moss
My opinion is that you have to downgrade it and we go back to the previews chat room the old one cause this version is giving everybody away too much troubles

Whats the use of new stuff when no one can use it correct

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