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techy 10-13-2006 02:41 PM

Chatroom guidelines
Hi all! Please follow these guidelines when using the chatroom:

1. No open mics during a broadcast or EVER! Only use mics to talk, get your message across and then release the [Talk] button. Please uncheck the [Auto] box that will leave your mic inadvertently open during a broadcast. Users with open mics will be warned and if the problem persists, will be banned from the chatroom temporarily. Repeat offenders may be banned permanently.

2. No offensive, nudity or other objectionable content will be tolerated using the audio or video feeds.

3. Please use common courtesy in this online community.

To disable the audio and video features please hit the [Video Off] button and turn the slider down next to the radio button. Some of you don't like the new features and these controls can be disabled if you prefer. To mute someone with an open mic, please click their green blinking light in the users list next to the [Settings] button.

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