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soul oasis 06-07-2009 08:51 AM

Track Reviews(SammyRock)Cyberjamz
<h4> Exclusive Preview</h4>This is a special project for both CyberJamz and the artists involved, as all the proceeds go towards the Women's Cancer Network. In fact, its the biggest project for CyberJamz so far, as Soul Oasis (Sammy Rock) and K.Joy team up with vocalists Martha Wash, Libby Jones, K.Joy, Raine, Flora Cruz, Carolyn Harding, Screaming Rachel, Trizonna McCleron and Dajae to present "I am woman", a production that is all about the powerful lyrics masterly performed by the involved artists. The mixes let you choose between a fiercely stompin' yet soulful affair featuring warm melodic keys and chords, a powered up version with 80's styled synth-pop melodies perfect for peak time play, and finally a marvelous remix by Rob Temple who gives the song a resistless broken beat touch. Please support this project.For correct info and credits check out K.Joy's site.

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

<h4>Reviews by Mike Fossati(Spirit of House)</h4><img src="">
Exclusive Preview:"The Dream"(Weysa Dya Vick Lavender's Touch Me Dub Mix)(CyberJamz Records DEMO CD-R)

"The Dream" by Weysa Dya will be released on CyberJamz Records later this year (no release date available), but we couldn't resist to bring it to your attention after sitting on it for about a month as the summery Vick Lavender remix is such a gorgeous gem that needs to be heard. A funk oozing, percussion enriched smooth backing leads the way for the sultry vocals by Weysa Dya and a marvelous jazzy instrumentation, altogether create an uplifting laidback feeling.

Wincie "3 Ways to lose my love" (The Unreleased Mixes)(CyberJamz Records CD Promo)
Various "The Best of CyberJamz Vol. 2" (CyberJamz Records CD Promo)
CyberJamz Records open their vault to present two massive releases. First is a package of fine unreleased mixes of Wincie's "3 ways to lose my love", with DJ Buzzard getting deep and moody on his contaminous remix, while Groove Victim (aka GVA aka Jay Brown) goes back in time on his bass driven old skool flavored remixes, and lastly Blackwax serves laidback after hours deepness loaded with beautiful keys. Second is a collection of unreleased tracks, including a deep hypnotic remix of K.Joy's "Butterflyz" by The Combinations (also included is Paul G's 'Butterflyz In Space Mix' in remastered form), the deep organic "Court jester" by Ronnie Ron featuring Gene King on keys, the deep orbital sounds of Groove Victim on "Outspaced" and a funked-up reworking of Beppe Gioia's "Untitled fantasy".

<i><b>Reviews by Mike Fossati (Spirit of House)<b></i>

techy 07-25-2009 07:37 AM

Hey sammy, I moved this as record review should be on the main board not the playlist board. I'm going to make this a news headline on the main site as well; they can be linked ..

soul oasis 07-25-2009 11:09 AM


Originally Posted by techy (Post 8490)
Hey sammy, I moved this as record review should be on the main board not the playlist board. I'm going to make this a news headline on the main site as well; they can be linked ..

Ok cool... thx:)

soul oasis 07-25-2009 11:10 AM

Kapa Music returns with new and unreleased mixes of Christos Kedras' track "Sweet Tempation" of which will take your dancers on a musical journey.This deep-tech track with haunting keys and flowing vocals will light up your dancefloor.This release comes with 4 mixes to choose from,all of which carry thier own weight and interpretation.Random Soul deliver a nice Vocal Mix which includes an instrumental mix to extend this sexy track.Martin & Theo deliver the Dub while Richard Earnshaw throws down a hot mix of his own. I give this a 7 of 10 on all mixes. Favorite Mix: Richard Earnshaw Vocal Mix.
Contact Info:
Out now

Tuccillo(Hilo EP)-Peppermint Jam
A Jazzy Thing
B1 Monkey Madness
B2 Hilo
Here we have yet another nice release on Peppermint Jam Records.This time Tuccillo brings a nice 3 track E.P full of jazzy-house tunes but capturing the essesence of dance music."Jazzy Thing" is a nice jazzy-house tune with catchy beats and synths,yet keeping this cut funky."Monkey Madness" is another offering with nice keyboard work and it's a bit darker but effective."Hilo" concentrate more on the dancefloor during those peak-hr moments in your set.Each track is unique in it's own right. I give this a 7 of 10.Favorite Mixes: Monkey Madness & Jazzy Thing.
LICENSING JENS GALLMEYER fon +49 (0) 511 76 86 019 /
PEPPERMINT JAM UK MARK ROBINSON fon +44 (0) 797 69 65 951 / / AIM markpeppermint
Vinyl Distribution through Topplers, Paris

"Change Your Mind E.P."- Distar Records

Release date: June 12 2009
Genre: Deep Tech House
This deep-tech E.P comes with 4 cuts for those more on the progressive/Electro side of dance music.This E.P is not for everyone.So lets begin with "Change Your Mind" by Dj Reno Vatt feat. a nice vocal element of which it could of been used a bit more."Crazy Thing"(Dj Rasvan) is more darker and tech-house oriented n much more effective.Next is "Deep"(Dj Reno Vatt) is a bit more what I would play during my set.Deeper n Darker,than the other cuts on this E.P delivers a more minimal-tech sound."Evolution of C.M.I"(Dj Reno Vatt) is yet another demostration of a more electro-vibe and progressive sound that "some" might enjoy.This is not my cup of tea,but it might be for someone else.

"Desabafo"(Tarek-The Guy Robin Remixes)/Grooveland
Grooveland is on a music mission releasing some of the most sexy tracks I've heard in a long time.This here is one of those releases that really didn't need a remix,but in this case,Guy Robin steps in and does a fantastic job remixing and extending that hot guitar solo making it more unique production.The trumpet is layed out correctly in this Main Mix.
Avail now.
"Le Voie Le Soleil"(Martin Brodin & Dumb Dan)-Bu! Records
Martin Brodin and Dumb Dan deliver a 1-2 punch offering us a hot tech-house,featuring electroic sounds and keys.The beats are bangin! Nice Tune.Mark Trophy Remixed this already hot tune to bring back the wicked piano riffs and beats to make you sweat on the dancefloor.

Izzy Stardust feat. Sherell McKenzie "Any Love"
Label: Just for Fun
Release Date: Sept 2009.
Just for Fun Recordings come thru with a wicked-electronic tech-house monster of one of my favorite classics by Chaka Khan entitled "Any Love".Izzy Stardust features the vocals of Sherell McKenzie to turn this classic into a futuristic classic.I can hear the sceptics already,but trust,this is a nice twist to the classic and great for your dance-floor.

a1 Play The Game (Boris Hotton Remix)
a2 Play The Game (Original Mix)
b1 Time On 2 (Zero In Something Remix)
b2 Time On 2 (Original Mix)
Progcity Deep bring us Alton Miller with 2 very nice tracks in "Play this Game and "Time on 2".This is a very impressive release in that the production work on both tracks are right on point."Play this Game"(Boirs Hotton Remix) is a time-less deep house track with that unmistakeable tech-sound that still dominates the dance-floor.The "Original Mix" is more my flavor with wonderful vocals and exceptional production work.If you are a Blaze fan,then this is the version!!
"Time On 2"(Zero In Something Remix) is a beautiful deep n dark track with the added vocals to compliment this already wonderful release.If you enjoy the hot "Detroit" sound,then put this on rotation.The "Original Mix" is by far the best mix in my opinion.I'm supporting both these mixes.

Ferry Ultra feat. Gwen McCrae
Let Me Do My Thang
LICENSING JENS GALLMEYER fon +49 (0) 511 76 86 019 /
PEPPERMINT JAM UK MARK ROBINSON fon +44 (0) 797 69 65 951 / / AIM markpeppermint
A1 dOP Remix
A2 Original Mix
B1 Roland Appel Remix
B2 dOP Instrumental
Peppermint Jam is back again in full force with this lastest release "Let me do my Thang"(Ferry Ultra feat.Gwen McCrea).If you enjoy funk n soul,then this is your cut!. An instant classic!.We all know this is something difficult to accomplish now-a-days.This excellent offering has not only that old school feel to it but the power-full vocals of Gwen Mcae with lyrics that are as fantastic as the music itself.The "Original Mix" is something out of this world,with that 70s early 80s vocal and music to match,I can't say enough about this release.This package does not dissapoint in that it offers a mix for everyone.Fav Mix:The Original Mix. 8 of 10.. CLASSIC!

"Gotcha"(Rachel Claudio-Nassau Re-Loved Mix)- Jaffa Music
Purchase All Mixes here-->
Here we go with yet another interpretation of "Gotcha" with the wonderful vocals of Rachel Claudio.This time Nassau gives it a twist and more up-to-date sound to make it stand out on it's own.I'm feeling the Original Mixes and this Nassau Remix just added one more to this release.Very Nice!!

"The Boom Boom Dance"(Chitlins)
The Vine Records 001
The Boom Boom Dance (Jovonn’s Minimal Vocal - Chris Panaghi re-edit)
The Boom Boom Dance (Jovonn’s Dub)
The Boom Boom Dance (Jovonn’s Vocal - Mario re-edit)
The Boom Boom Dance (Jovonn’s Inst.)
The Boom Boom Dance (Original/Video)

Here we have a new label,The Vine Records with a new hot release "The Boom Boom Dance"(Chitlins),with mixes by Jovonn and additional re-edits by Chris Panaghi & Mario add thier flavor to complete this hot package.This label is kicking things off on the right foot by offering a very nice vocal with that deep unmistakeable sound of Jovonn.The production work is exceptional with deep dark snyths,thumping beats and vocals by Excite along-side background vocalist Sherma Andrews, Andrea Rohlehr and The Catfish Choir remind me of that lost art when an enitre band got together to make real music.I'm truly feeling this release.Kudos to The Vine Records for starting out correct! Favorite Mix: Jovonn Vocal-Mario Re-Edit Mix- 8 of 10 on all versions.

Written by J. Edwards and L. Stone
Produced by Lee Stone
Vocals by Excite
Background vocals by Sherma Andrews, Andrea Rohlehr and The Catfish Choir
Remix by Jovonn for Jovonn Ent.
Executive producer Mario Costabile. A&R Rob Wunderman
Published by The Vine Entertainment (ASCAP)
under license from The Vine Records a division of The Vine Music Publishing, LLC
For more information about Chitlins please visit :

soul oasis 07-25-2009 11:11 AM

Yass Presents Jay & Tahira "All I'm Asking For"
Grei Matter-Release Date July,2009.
Main Mix
Dub Mix
Instrumental Mix
Tony Loreto & Jacko TJ Inc Main Vocal Mix
Tony Loreto & Jacko TJ Inc Alt. Vocal Mix
Tony Loreto & Jacko TJ Inc Dub Mix
Grie Matter comes back strong with "All Im Asking For" (Yass feat.Jay & Tahira) with mixes by Tony Loreto & Jacko.This combination of producers are making some serious noise and this track is without exception.The Main Mix primary focus is on the beautiful vocals by Jay & Tahira.This mix gives me the goose-bumps!!,it's that sexy.The Dub Mix is just as good with hot latin percussions and bass-line that will blow your dancers away!.Let me add that the Dub has a keyboard solo by Alexandre Destrez that will blow your mind and compliment the vocals quite well in this version.This release also offers an Instrumental,a Tony Loreto & Jacko Mix,An Alternative Vocal Mix and Dub makes this one of my top picks.Let me not forget the hot keyboard production by Rob Temple(Temple Dynasty Band) on the Tony Loreto & Jacko versions and he is really making a name for himself as a producer,so be on a lookout for "Solid Noize" productions in the future.I'm very impressed with this release. 9 of 10.
Label credits:
Produced & Mixed by Yass & Sebastien Grand.
Written by T. Memory, J. Dufour, Y. Baki, S. Grand
Keyboard solo by Alexandre Destrez
Remix and additional production by: Tony Loreto and Jacko for TJ Inc Productions. Additional Keys by: Tony Loreto & Rob Temple.
Mastered by Jack Adams of Optimum Mastering UK
Executive Producers: DJ Funky Chocolate, Rob Wunderman, Kerri Chandler
Published by Bibbity Bob Music (BMI)
P & C 2009 Grei Matter a division of Digital Soul Inc.
For more information about Yass & our other artists, Please Visit
Vinyl Manufactured & Distributed by Topplers France +33 1 53 39 15 00
Digital Distribution through Beatport, iTunes, Juno, Traxsource
Grei Matter is a Division of Digital Soul Inc.
Licensing Inquiries Phone: 212.673 1535 Fax: 646 415 8682
Check the Vibe Site:

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