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soul oasis 11-08-2010 03:15 AM

To ALL Cyber-Programers + supporters plz Read !

It has been bought to my attention quite a few concerns in referance to how we are promoting the site and our shows.

We are currently working on a new front-page interface which will include a side-bar with info on how to connect using our new silverlight player,windows media player and any MP3 player can use that ONE link.

Some if not ALL of us forgot what Cyberjamz Internet Radio's purpose is...and that is to serve the people.To bring the lovers of our musical culture here where it all started from,a place we call home.We have somewhat forgot that our scene has slowed down a bit and picked up on others.It is up to ONE UNIT to bring them back home.

This site has never been about ME,the label and or anyone else.This site will always be about providing the best quality dance music we have,a music outlet for those that still and will always love our music.

I understand some of us have 9-5pm jobs and "other" obligations,but it takes only a moment of your time to promote your show on Facebook,Myspace and other social networks,not including your blog(everyone should have one),a podcast page displaying a Cyberjamz Radio Logo and Link,flyers with our logo and link,ect... I think we all can see the picture.

Cyberjamz also has a fan page of which we created for our benifit of promotion.Now lets go get em fams !

A high quality file has been attached to this thread,so there is no reason why we cannot use it.I will be re-evalutating all our shows this coming week and promoting on my end(of which I try to do each and every day at 5am..It would be fantastic if ALL of us could get in on this and support not only YOUR show but ONE other programer as well as others.

Those that are supports of Cyberjamz Radio (Chat Room and beyond),it would be great if you all can take a moment and help promote one of your favorite shows on Facebook and social networks, for you are also a part of something special,please show your support.

If you have a web-site,please link up and I will in return link up your page to our Communities Page.

If your a programer and wish not to participate in what we are trying to accomplish,then please let me know and your show can be replaced.

I'm very proud to be apart of something special and I hope that you feel the same and light up the way for all the new listeners ready to give us a shot and bring those back that have left because WE..(YES WE! as ONE UNIT) have let them down.


If you cant make your show,email in advance and for those that have my phone number,please call and or text.

Cyberjamz office hours are Mon-Sat 8am-8pm est.
If you having tech issues,leave me a text and I will get back to you.

If anyone miss 3 shows in a row,that will result in immediate show replacement.

If you have a microphone people,please use one...Providing track-ids and station id is important as well as our sponsors list of which can be found here ---> here for reference and updated in real time...

DJ's please refer to this when shouting out our sponsors...


There is no reason why we can't go back to our basics and be proud of Cyberjamz Radio and promote it.

We have a decline in listenership due to lack of these simple principles of which some of us that are still with us from the start used to believe in and it's unacceptable from both old and new programers.

**If you need a line-up for the day,please grab it from here or share the link I provide on Facebook on a daily basis.I cannot do this alone.We need your help if you wish for us to continue and survive.

Line-up Link

Here are some more things that have been on my mind and others.

1)Keep in mind that Cyberjamz Internet Radio was created to serve the people.We as (programers) must do a better job of promoting the site and the shows.If you want to succeed in having more listnership and new listeners to connect to you show,please promote your show,site,links and everything in between to get these music lovers to come to OUR site and your show.

2) A banner with your pick,time,day your playing and the link to the site would really help push your show and bring more listeners.

3)Promote,promote, any means necessary.Ask a friend to help you out..use a mailing list if possible.

4)Shows that refuse to comply either by not promoting and or lack of show content will be replaced.If you do not wish to participate,let me know and I will find someone who cares about what we are trying to accomplish.

5) Providing a play-list is a plus for listenership and those you are promoting.

6)I encourge everyone to use our CYBER-PLAYIST section to provide such a list and tag them on Facebook,so they know WE are promoting thier music.This will also pay off by having these artist support your show.

7)If someone is in need of help and you can't help in the chat room,please ask them to check our site help.This is a funny one because in the CHAT ROOM on top there are all the links for Help,Chatroom,and Click here to listen to shows,a video provided by techy on FAQ of the chat room,ect..amazin..SITE HELP -

Last alternative,if you have my phone number use it.

As you all may know,I've always taken this site and the music serious,if not I would have shut down long ago.I refuse to go out without a fight,so I am asking for everyone to help out in some way or another if you want for us to continue this journey of music till the wheels fall off !

Let's make this happen people.

soul oasis 11-08-2010 03:16 AM

If you wish to add to this thread,by any means do so.Im ALL ears.:)

Tee Cee 13 ZZCrew 11-09-2010 02:28 PM

Yep! yes indeed....... I really do Concur........

soul oasis 11-09-2010 08:58 PM

If that is the case...get ON the case sir..provide that Schedule Line-Up I post on my wall and share it with your crew of people..spread the word..WORD?:)

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